Chocolate Hedgehogs- a great snack for parties

Some people cook to live but I live to cook. l love cooking so much that I have started this blog. So here’s my very first post. Hope everyone tries it and relishes it.
This recipe was tried by my friend and I for a fireless cooking competition which we won eventually. Its a Sri Lankan recipe with my very own modifications. It looks beautiful and tastes amazing too and guess what, it is damn easy to make.
Do try it and send in feedbacks.


1. Marie biscuit or Parle-G finely powered- 20 biscuits
2. Unsweetened cocoa powder- 5 teaspoons
3. Unsalted butter- 1 tsp
4. Icing sugar or powdered sugar- to taste( mostly around 4 to 5 tsps)
5. Milk- around 12 tsps
6.almonds soaked, peeled and thinly diced.
7. Boost powder.

1.  Mix in all the ingredients except for the almonds and the boost into a bowl. Make sure its in a consistency to mould if not add a bit of milk or powdered biscuit as the case maybe.
2. Now separate the mixture into 4 equal parts.
3. Mould into a sphere and elongate it on one side as seen in the picture.
4. Now dust it with boost. This step can be avoided too.
5. Shove in the almonds fr the eyes and spines of the hedge hog.
6. Garnish it as per your wish.

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  1. #elainapasangha Avatar

    hey awesome lina!!! so proud of you!!

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