Triple chocolate delight marble cake

Someone once told me “who wants to fall in love I’d rather fall in chocolate”. So this set me thinking. And then it clicked…. I decided to include all the types of chocolate available and make a cake. Then eventually I came across the concept of a marble cake and that was it.
Again and again I make the same mistake and always apologize for it. So sorry for not posting a photograph again. I just wish I could describe how this one looks but obviously a visual image is 100 times way better. But really everyone should try this cake. I’m so busy with my entrances and admissions that i don’t get time to get inside the kitchen. Blogging is like a stress buster therefore even without pics I post the recipe. Sorry for the inconvenience again.

BTW for the cake batter please make ready the sponge cake recipe I posted recently and separate into 3 equal parts.
1.125 g milk chocolate
2. 125 g dark chocolate
3. 125 g white chocolate
Melt all the three and add it to the separate equal parts.
Grease a circular tin.
Take three large spoons and add a spoon of each of the batter one after the other until done.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degree Celsius.
Cover with double whipped cream.


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