Vanilla custard ice cream


Summer is here so what is everyone waiting for. Let’s stock up our freezers with some yummy ice-cream….
Oh again I wanna thank my friend for the pics.
This is my aunt’s recipe. Its really really amazing and the best part is the procedure is damn simple. So everyone has to try it.


1. Milk- 1 litre
2. 1 egg
3. Sugar 1 cup
4. Vanilla essence- 2 tbsp
5. 20 cashews- ground
6. 2 tbsp custard powder dissolved in little milk

1. Boil the milk until it reduces to 3/4th of its quantity. Switch off the stove
2. Beat the egg until fluffy and add to milk and warm and simmer stirring well. Add the sugar and custard and mix well for 5 mins.
3. Let it cool under a fan and add essence and cashews.
4. Beat well in a blender and freeze for 8 hrs. Again blend the frozen ice-cream to prevent crystals. Let it set now for 12hrs.
Enjoy the delicious ice-cream.


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