Fiction in the kitchen/ The 7 to 9 Chef


Here is my very first series- “The 7 to 9 chef”. I had a wonderful time figuring out the plot, hope everyone has a wonderful time reading it too. BTW I would love to thank my friend Aysha for helping out with the protagonist’s name.

Cassie is a 26 yr old, worn out HR consultant who seems to work only for the money she is earning. Cooking is her only stress buster. Preparing dinner with her wide imaginations and experimenting with  spices and herbs makes her feel so much better.
Things take a big U-turn for Cassie when Ray enters her life bringing along with him ‘the 29 recipe challenge’.
Stay tuned to watch out for this challenge and to see how it changes her life.

26 thoughts on “Fiction in the kitchen/ The 7 to 9 Chef

      1. I’m not as great as Sophie Kinsella…but yet I am trying my hand at writing..XD…I loved the pic too….I did it on an app..


      1. Will do! (My oldest son is also a writer and has published one book on Amazon..and is now writing two! So I’m pretty good at reading! LOL)

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      2. That’s great.. This is my first time…I am a lil nervous…..never tried my hand at writing fiction… But I like my plot, so hoping fr the best!

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