The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 3

Author’s note: If you haven’t read the previous two chapters, please click the following links. For chapter 1, click here and for chapter 2, click here.

The Awesome Chicken Bake and The Story of My Misfortune

Finally its Sunday. As I open the window in my bedroom and let the fresh air flow in, I can feel a relaxation striking me. Six days of hard work surely deserves a huge round of an applause.

CASS!!!!!….Are you ready?? We always get late to church because of you.” Ehhh…And just now I thought my week had got better. I could sense the irritation in the air from my sister’s voice. Vicky has always been obsessed with time all her life. She gets very nervous even if she is not a minute earlier than an hour before the scheduled time. When she was in school she made it a point to be at school half an hour before the bell and insisted on taking my bro and me too. Not only did she spoil her reputation but also ours. Even now there is an hour for the service to start and our apartment is only five minutes away from church, yet she freaks out.

“Vicksy, please chill out. There is an hour more for mass to start,” yells my brother from his bedroom before I could say anything.

I pick out the abandoned yellow floral dress from Vero Moda, which my mother had given it to me for Christmas 2013, from my cupboard. I finally realized it deserved a day out. I couple it with my favourite white crochet wedges.

Oh la la!!..Jerry I could bet ya that something surely has got into our Cassie darling lately,” says my sister as I walk into the living room.

“Don’t tell me your blushing now, Cass.” My brother makes it all the more worse for me. They are seriously making me wonder if something is wrong with me.

“Don’t you all think we are getting really late and have to leave!” I say in a vexed tone.

“Ya right…Look who is concerned about being late,” laughs my sister as we make a move.

As usual after service at sharp 10:00 am I get a call from my mother. I don’t understand why she never bothers to call my siblings. They have a phone too.

“Hi baby doll..” No one can change Mama.

“Stop calling me that mom.”

“Are you free to meet Neil tomorrow baby doll? In case your not please make yourself free after 5 in the evening. Okay honey?” I don’t know if she heard me or if she pretended not to.

“Sorry!!..WHO IS THIS NEIL NOW??” I ask my mother and simultaneously my sister shoots suspicious glances from the driver’s seat and as usual my brother is lost in his messaging world.

“Didn’t I tell you about Rinky aunty’s son yesterday. Don’t tell me you have amnesia or something Cass.” God!..I still can’t believe she is doing this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even care to reply, she goes on though.

“Don’t tell me now that you are off to pick up that brat now.”

“Her name is Evana, Mama, and not ‘brat’,”I yell back. Evana is my six year old best buddy from ‘Sweet Home Orphanage’. Sr.Monica, my Papa’s cousin, is the in charge there. The orphanage is inside the ‘Sisters of peace’ convent . Anyone is allowed to sponsor a kid for a decent private school education at St. Peter’s Girls’ high School, which is also part of the convent. Hence, I have been sponsoring Evana for the past year. Over the course of time we became really close and I bring her home for lunch on Sundays and drop her back by 3:00 in the evening. She is also one of the reasons I look forward to Sundays. So of course my mother disapproves of it just because she has to oppose everything I do.

“I don’t know why you take unecessary trouble to be so good. Isn’t Sunday the only day you are free?” Asks Mama.

“Ma I have already told you and I am telling you once again that I do this because I love to have her over and it is not service.”

“Okay now give the phone to your useless brother,” says Mama.

Ah finally she is done. I sometimes wonder how she has so much energy.

” Cassie, Mama is telling you to wear the red anarkali for tomorrow’s date,” says Jerry as he declines the call. Errrgh…Why can’t she ever forget something. I give him an awful look indicating him to stop.

“Cassie get down fast. I can’t find a place to park.” I scramble out of the car as quickly as possible. I try really hard to forget everything and enjoy my Sunday.

Every Sunday my sister drops me off at the orphanage and Evana and I pick up grocery for our super Sunday lunch and get back home. I can see Evana on the swing eagerly waiting for me and her face lights up like a hundred watt bulb when she sees me. She runs to hug me as I wave at Sr. Monica, standing at the doorway of the orphanage.

My phone beeps when we are at the supermarket.

Sry Cassie, just got mobile data.

Wow! this looks lovely. Why din you sav sm for me??

I reply-

You shud ve warned me. Ok i gtg now. will get bac hm and call!! join us for lunch if ur free.

My phone beeps again

Okie! bye…seeya then! Address???

“Cassie….What are we going to make today?” Did I say Evana is a great help in the kitchen!

“What does this little kitten want to have?” I say as i type the address.


“So chicken it is…”

I seat Evana on her favourite spot in the kitchen- the counter. I marinate the chicken and keep it in the refrigerator. I generally hate to marinate chicken on such a short notice but when I have to,I do it. I preheat the oven and simultaneously boil rice and season it with some kashmiri saffron to serve with the bake. Just then the door bell rings. I warn Evana not to touch anything and run to get the door.

“That was fast.” I tell Ray, as he enters the house.

“My house is only half an hour from here. Where is Vicky and your brother?”

“Vicky has gone to see a couple of dining halls for the wedding with Sam and Jerry has gone for his squash practice.”

“Cassie,where are you? The silver thing is making some noise.”

I run to the kitchen to simmer the stove with the cooker. Ray follows me.

“Who do we have here now?” Ray asks me,looking at Evana.

“I’ve to ask you that first mister. Who is this guy, Cassie?” Evana asks me,a little pissed. She looks adorable as she folds her arms. Ray starts laughing.

“This is Ray, Evana and Ray, this is Evana.”

Ray lends his hand and she shakes it with her usual proud attitude. A minute is enough for anyone to like this darling. I start greasing a tray for the bake and Ray tries his best to make her talk to him.

“By the way Cass totally forgot to ask, what is your special recipe for the day then?” Ray asks me.

“So this is that challenge guy.”Evana says before I could reply. I nod. Finally she smiles.

“Hi Ray, I am Evana.” I knew it they will get along well.

We leave the chicken to bake and decide to watch some TV in the meanwhile.



  • 1/2 kg chicken fillet
  • salt to taste
  • Chilli powder- 1tsp
  • Coriander powder- 1 tbsp
  • Garam masala- 1 tsp
  • Cumin powder- 2 tsp
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 pinch turmeric
  • 1 egg beaten with salt and pepper
  • bread crumbs


  1. Add everything except the egg and bread crumbs to the fillet. Let it marinate overnight.
  2. dip each fillet in egg and dust with crumbs. Bake on a greased tray in a preheated oven for 10 mins on each side at 180 degree celsius.

DSC04988           DSC04986

It tastes heavenly. Its bad my sis and Sam couldn’t join us. Jerry made it right on time though. Evana is absolutely relishing very bit of the bake. Ray praises me everytime he takes a bite. I am the only one who couldn’t enjoy it because I was so preoccupied about the misfortune that was about to befall upon me tomorrow in my mother’s form……….

…………..To be continued

Author’s note: Hey guys! Hope you all are enjoyinng the read and do try out the recipes too! Please give me any suggestion about the progress of the story if any… I never thought I would get past the 2nd chap but here i am with the 3rd..XD…Thank you all so much for reading and do keep reading!!

14 thoughts on “The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 3

  1. I am really trying to branch out and make some Indian dishes – recently I made my own Bangala Garam Masala for a shrimp recipe. I also want to try a recipe using Punjabi Garam Masala. There is a big difference in in the ingredients! Which one do you use? Thanks for bringing this delicious looking chicken to FF #69 🙂

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    1. We generally make home made garam masala and keep it. I use that for all my recipes. It is the best and safest. Roast 2 cinnamon sticks, 10 peppercorns, 6 cloves, 5 cardamom and 1 tsp cumin seedas in 1/4 ghee for 3 mins and grind into a coarse powder. Stock this and use fr any dish. Every state in India has its very own combination of magical spices and is accustomed to it and this is my personal fav.

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