The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter- 7/ Watermelon Mojitos

Author’s note: Omg!! So many days since I made a post. Woah!!!! Surely missed my Cassie and Ray but of course my Kodaikanal trip was a great compromise. Hope this post sums up for my ignorance towards my dearie blog.

Watermelon Mojitos and The Story Of Ray’s Slow-Wittedness

Ray is proving to be an awesome companion even for boring seminars for sure. I am totally a psycho for having turned him down in the most inappropriate manner ever. I should have atleast said a decent ‘no’. What’s the use to fret now anyways. He probably has a girlfriend already or worse, he could be engaged…or…or EVEN MARRIED. Why am I so bothered anyway?

“Cass, these guys are too much..I am simply raising my placard for every alternate suggestion..haha..” I can’t even laugh because my mind is preoccupied with the dead certainity of Ray being MARRIED. I just slowly try to take a peak at his finger. Obviously there was nothing. What was I even thinking??…XD

“Cass..Cassie??..Did like doze off with your eyes open??”

“Hmm..No no..I was just thinking of something.”

“About what to cook for today??.” I just realize he has really soft eyes and the world’s perfect smile. Only if I could muster the guts to tell him that I was thinking about him. Why the hell am I so egoistic?


I think I should just concentrate on the two old men arguing about another old man’s suggestion. A few minutes pass by and the fact of his possible engagment hasn’t digested in for me just yet.


“Sorry Cass, did you just say something?”

“YES..I said ‘yes’.” He looked more confused than I am actually feeling. What am I saying? Am I in my right senses.

“For what?”

“I said ‘yes’ for your question.” I am sweating pretty bad due to the stress I am under. He looks at me a bit startled. Poor guy…..

“Didn’t you already say ‘yes’ before for my question? Is this seminar causing you to forget stuff? You want to get some fresh air dude?”

“But Ray this ‘yes’ is for another of your question that went unanswered .” I am pretty sure of my nut being a little loose..a lot actually.

“HUH..What?…What unanswered question Cass?..Hmmm…Is this some sort of joke?” Why am I embarassing myself to such an extent?…. “Its ok, leave it Ray..I’m just being stupid..Forget this even happened..Okay?”

He is at a loss of words. All this was too much for him. “Cass…is everything fine?”

Why is he being so sweet..Ergggghhhhhh. “Cassie honey just be straightforward. You have made it this far and you can surely complete what you started”, I tell myself.

“Ray..” Its okay, just say it, Cassies dearest. “..I said ‘yes’ for the question you asked me on graduation day, eight years back.” I finally say it a bit too fast in a shaky voice. What a relief! He is suddenly all ‘not so confused.’ He doesn’t say anything though.

“I mean I know your probably engaged. But, I had to get this out of my system you see.. Please don’t hate me or anything.” I completely avoid any eye contact with him. He suddenly did something really pissing off- he laughed. I was trembling and literally on the verge of falling off my uncomfortable chair and there he was laughing.

“Shut up Ray..people are looking.”

“OOps..sorry…sorry”. He isn’t controlling his laughter yet though. Someone could’ve rather hit me with an iron rod instead..Why me???…ergggghhhhhh!!!!! Nooo!

” Cass..” I look away. How much insult can a common human put up with?

“Look at me for a second now, will you!” I lift my head to meet his eyes and the uneasiness I was feeling suddenly felt good.

” I am not engaged. ”

“That’s all you want to tell me, is it?,” I ask very disappointed.

“Will you ever let me say anything.” He surely looked helpless. Probably I should just shut up. He tries to say something but stops. Finally a minute later he opens his mouth and I wait eagerly.

“You spoiled the flow Cass, its hard now…” Why hadn’t I shut up decently? “..So let me just say it in simple words. Where do you want to go Hitler?”

I can’t believe he called me ‘Hitler’. He joined Stephan’s only in eleventh grade. We never spoke initially. During a debate for a workshop on ‘Hitler’s ideals’, I spoke for it and he against it. Then eventually we became friends and I’ve been known as ‘Hitler’ since then.

“Haha Hitler??…that was so weird…I don’t know why everyone came up with it..”

“Cause you was always a Hitler, Cass. Okay tell me where should we go?”

“This is so not the perfect date I expected…” I sigh..

“Do you wanna like start again..???”

“Yeah better!”

He takes a deep breath.

“Dear Miss. Ruth…oops you don’t like that, do you?..okay.. Dear Miss. Cassandra, I would really be greatly obliged if you would honor me by coming for dinner with me this Sunday night.

“Haha…not so formal either..but yet Mr. Raymond, I would love to join you for dinner this Sunday only if you could do me the favour of letting me make it.”

“My pleasure dearest!!.. Haha…that was so good.. I was so scared to ask you cause of your slap. I’ve not asked anyone out since then, you know?. You scared me for life Cassie…hahhaa!” I look at him apologetically.

“But I wouldn’t have got a chance to go out with an angel if you hadn’t slapped me then.” Should I say something for this or just smile and not spoil the sweetness with my inappropriate lines. Latter sounds so much better..XD.

A few hours later…

You did not do that!!”

I walk from the couch to the refrigerator to avoid my sister’s looks and pretend to drink some water. She looked too mad.

“Are you mad Cass?…A girl does not ask a guy out. Oh god!!.. Your so immature baby sis,” sighs Vicky with anger.

“Don’t be such a sexist..” I sneer back. “…and for your info I just answered an unanswered question.”

“Jerry reduce the TV volume for God’s sake,”she yells. My brother’s annoyance is clearly visible but he cleverly decides to shut up knowing Vicky’s ways.

“And you..” I am going to be dead meat today. “..what stupid question your talking about? Your 26. Did u get that. Not 16. I don’t know what he would be thinking. Your such a kid Cass, such a kid! Only if Ray would know that. You don’t know this world. What would anyone think if they knew this? What would papa and mama say? They left you under my guidance and…oh god..I should..!”I stop her immediately. I sometimes wonder how she gets so much energy only while fretting.

“Vicky, I know what I am doing and Ray is my friend, and he likes me and will never hurt me. And I told Mama everything, she was like this is the sweetest thing ever and went to the extent of planning my wedding.. Haha..can you believe it? Mama is so ridiculous sometimes right?”

“No all the time.” This didn’t sound very funny to me though. “What is mama thinking? First she sends you off on a date with a psychopath and now supports your psychotic ideas. I should talk to her right away. If you are behaving like a teen, she is behaving like a baby.” As she picks up her mobile, she gets a call. If Ray hadn’t called her and reassured her of my mental stability, my mom would have also become dead meat by now. Thank god he read my message……XD

Too much of summer and too much of my sis is seriously hitting me hard. A chill drink is needed to cool my heated brain for sure.

My eyes fall on a juicy watermelon as I open the fridge to pour me some Sprite. Mmmm..I have to surely make something.


1. 1 glass watermelon+2 tsp sugar blended

2. 12 mint leaves

3. 6 lemon slices

4. 6 ice cubes

5. Sprite


1. In two glasses add 6 mint leaves, 3 lemon slices, 3 ice cubes each. Slightly crush them with a spoon and squeeze some lemon too.

2. Equally add the watermelon juice.

3. Fill rest of the glass with sprite. image image Yummmmmm….these taste divine!!!!!!! A perfect treat for summer for sure.

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