The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 9/ Semolina Caramel Pudding

Author’s note: I can’t believe I have come so far. When I started I thought I wont go past the 2nd Chap, but now I guess I’ll finish all 30. XD…I really want to thank all those amazing bloggers out there who take their time out to read and comment on my posts. Thank you sooooo sooooo much!! And also I wanted to ask everyone something…I want to start this thing called the ‘Recipe Challenge’, where a blogger gets to challenge other bloggers with a recipe, and then they have to make a post once they complete this challenge. I wanted to learn about different cuisines in my holidays and I felt this would be a good platform. So whoever likes this idea please do comment. If I get 5 positive comments about this, I’m gonna start it! Fingers crossed!!

The Semolina Caramel Pudding and The Story Of My How My Holiday Got Spoiled

Wow! Just Wow! If it was any other of my second Saturdays, I would have now been fast asleep in my bed! My sister is capable of choosing designers only light years away. I can’t even ‘NOT GO’ because this 15 km drive is for the bridesmaids’ dresses and I am the Maid of honour.Why the hell is she so particular about anything and everything?… At least she is driving this time and not me. Also we have to go for lunch with three of her pathetic friends after the horrible tru out session. Those girls are so irritating and annoying. I’m always lost during their talks. The last time I went with Vicky, they argued about how Mango is so much more better than Zara for 40 minutes straight. It’s like all they do is only shopping. Then they talk about law. All I know about law is it’s spelling, and I am not even kidding. I’m one of those people who has the least interest in any sort of GK, history and civics. And when I mean no interest, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I’m those people who only read the headlines and then flip to the comics, movies and crossword section in a newspaper..oh not to forget sudoku!

“Cassie, atleast you can be a littile bit more involved. After all we are going for your sake.”

“Please, I told you I’ll wear anything. You said I was not supposed to spoil your wedding pics and hence I have shut up every time you bring up this bridesmaid dress topic. You chose my dress and not me and even now you are the one who wants to see the dress on me. Hence, I find no reason why I should look interested or even feel. Just drive and don’t torture.”

“You know what you should learn to do before your date tomorrow?”

“What?” I snort back.

“You should learn to stop sulking. Else that poor Ray will run away. I feel so sad for him.”

“You know who I feel sad for. Sam. He’ll go mad with a shopalcoholic like you.”

“Oh please!!”

The argument went on for the next half an hour, after the dress perfectly fitted all the bridesmaids( It was an awesome peach short dress BTW!), after the boring lunch, and even now as we stand stranded, waiting for the mechanic, on the highway after the car’s front wheel ran into a pot hole.

“It was your fault cassie! Only if you hadn’t been so unenthusiastic about the dress and distracted me, I would have seen the pot hole coming.”

“You should care less about other people’s interests. Then hopefully you can save other souls from being stranded with you like this next time.”

The mechanic with few other people arrive. We look at them pulling the car out from the hole in silence. Once it’s out, we realize the wheel is punctured. What a lucky day! We open the trunk to find the spare wheel missing. Such a disorganised sister I have…She finally remembers that the spare wheel is in her room’s loft. Don’t ask me how the hell it got there! We had to now ask my useless brother for help. We were 10kms away from home and I am pretty sure he wouldn’t help or rather cannot as he doesn’t have a vehicle, because the key and the spare key of my Beetle is with me. What an awesome way to spend my Saturday!

Oh another great news comes in as my sister hangs up her phone. Sam is at a seminar at the other end of the city. It will take him 4 hours to get here.

Ray was our last hope!

He surely was a saviour..20 minutes later Jerry and Ray were on thier way to our rescue.

Home is surely Sweet Home after being stranded on the highway for 3 whole hours. I am feeling so sick and tired. It’s all Vicky’s fault.

“Thanks a lot Vicky for getting us nearly killed.” I tell her as she’s brings coffee for all of us.

“Stop exaggerating stuff!”

“You know highways are not really safe, don’t you MISS. NOSEY?”

“Please! You are back in one piece, aren’t you? So be glad.”

“Guys shut up! Cassie you shouldn’t talk! you would have left me there to die yesterday at Cinnamon Cafe,” says Ray.

“I came didn’t I?”

“Yeah after a long long time. I am pretty sure you would have had second thoughts.”

“Yeah but i still came no!”

“Oh ! so you did have second thoughts? I guessed right. What was I supposed to expect from you? ” Everyone smiled after a long time.

“Yeah obviously! Why would I want to get killed for a maniac like you?”

Finally all of us started laughing and my sis and I made up!

A huge fight, a bad breakdown certainly required an awesome complete meal from Cassie’s Kitchen!

I look at the clock. It’s already 7:16. Hmmm…so by 9 I can make chicken nuggets for starters, my favourite cauliflower dum biryani for main course and………….. an innovative dessert, I decide. So what is that lucky dessert, that is going down into my journal?


  • Semolina- 5 tbsp
  • milk- 1/2 litre
  • sugar- 1/2 cup
  • vanilla essence- 1tbsp
  • 1 egg- beaten
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  • ghee- 4tbsp
  • grated fresh coconut- 4 tbsp


  1. Dissolve the sugar in the milk. Taste it and adjust the sugar if isn’t enough. Pour it into a saucepan and keep it on simmer. 3 minutes later add the semolina. Keep stirring until it thickens. Switch off the stove.
  2. Add all the other ingredients to the above mixture. keep aside
  3. In a pan add 5 1/s tbsp sugar. Stir it on high. When the sugar syrup boils and darkens, pour it into a microwavable container, spread it while it’s hot otherwise it will garden. It will be super hot. Handle with care. Immediately without any delay add the semolina mixture. Microwave for 11 minutes. Let it cool down. IT tastes delicious when it is slightly chilled.


WOW, the perfect dessert for a horrible, boring day!!! The caramel blends so well with the semolina!!!!

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