The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 11/ Fish Cutlets

Author’s note: Oh God! I just can’t blog these days. I was so into completing The Once Upon A Time series that I totally neglected my blog. My previous chapter was such a flop. I felt I didn’t put my heart into it. Anyways, now that I am done with all the four seasons and the 5th one isn’t coming out anytime soon, I can actually concentrate on my blog and finish my story..XD… BTW I used pieces of fish that was left behind from the curry for this cutlet. But, it’s not a problem at all to boil the fish and then use. They taste awesome either way!! And also I totally forgot about that recipe challenge I wanted to start. Please let me know if anyone is interested!

The Fish Cutlets and The Story Of My Big Big Horrible Mistake

After completing my morning session with some trainees, I go back to my cabinet, only to find a couple of missed calls from Sister Monica. It doesn’t strike me until I call back and keep the phone to my ears, that I forgot about Evana completely yesterday. What the hell have I done! I was so obsessed with Mama and the date that I totally forgot about someone I care.

“Cassie dear, what have you done now!” says Sister Monica on the other end. She is sounded so disappointed, that I want switch off my phone, run back home and hide under my blanket.

“ she..”

“I should have never said okay for this arrangement. That kid was so miserable until you came and now I am afraid…”

“Sister, please don’t say it. It’s my fault and I can make up for it.”

“You don’t get it do you Cassie. Such children don’t open themselves up to anyone that easily. But you had the opportunity, and now it’s gone.”

“Please give me another chance.”

“I can give you many more too, Cassie, because there is no mistake on your part. But i don’t know if Evana will. She has been crying for a long time now.”

“Oh no! It’s all my fault…” I collapse on my chair.

“Come by today and try talking to her. Don’t force her too much but dear..She has had her taste of misery already..”

Two years back, Evana’s parents had died and she was sent to the orphanage, having not many close relations to take up her responsibility. Poor child was in a pathetic state. On one of my regular errands to the orphanage, I ran into her. She was sitting all alone on a swing, while rest of the kids swarmed around me for the chocolates I was carrying. I passed the box to Sr.Monica and left to occupy the seat next to her. Fortunately I had bought bubbles for all the children that day and this particular one loved them. From then on we have been as thick as thieves until I screwed up everything noe. Even the therapist, who visits, had said she is doing much better these few months.

Ray barges in just then to give my thoughts a break.

“What happened now? Did you realize you were short of one thing you hated?” That was more than enough to set me off on a loud cry.

“Cass..Why are you crying now..Did I say something so bad.” He kneels down and takes my hands.

“No it’s not you, it’s me…” I still can’t control.

“What? Do you want to break up or..?

“No No No..I am a monster..I make everyone feel bad.”

“Will you stop crying and tell me what happened.”

I don’t know if Ray is understanding anything I am saying, because I am half mumbling and half crying. By the time I am done, my cabinet was crowded with people. So basically I am capable of hurting someone and embarassing myself on the same day..Wow! I have some talent!

Ray immediately gets up and takes me out. A few minutes later, we were in the basement. He nearly pushes me into his car and gets in himself and drives off to the convent.

“My legs are feeling so numb. I really can’t do this Ray!”

“Says the girl who has the guts to ask a guy out in the most pathetic way.”

“That wasn’t pathetic. You could have always said a ‘No’ if you…”

“Okay! Stop! This isn’t about us, it’s for Evana and you have to do this.”

It’s not like I have another option. If I don’t do it now, probably it’ll be too late afterwards.

It’s a minute’s walk to her dorm, but it was seeming like ever today. The fact that Ray was just a feet behind didn’t make things better. Thankfully the door wasn’t locked..why would it be anyways? Evana is sitting on her bed in her uniform, head bent down. She certainly wasn’t in the best of her moods. Oh how I already miss her so much. I sit down. She still doesn’t realize my presence. I wish I could just sit here and gaze at her, without uttering a word. Well, of course a few others didn’t want this. A couple of girls walk into the dorm, screaming, therefore causing Evanva to lift up her head. I thought she would just get up and run away, but instead she started crying, making it all the more worse for me. Why can’t she be mad at me and throw pillows at me. What can I tell her that would make her feel better. My big mouth can only make things worse.

“I’ll wait until you want to speak to me again,” I say.

She doesn’t reply. I sit there like an idiot. I am so scared to even touch her. 15 minutes later, I decide to try again. But before I could start she speaks.

“Do you have a tissue.”

“yeah..sure..of course..” I take one out of my purse and give it to her.

“I was so scared you forgot about me…” she says as she blows her nose.

“I would never do that Evana..never!” I tell her.

“But you already did, didn’t you?” Guess it is my turn to cry.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to…I’ll do anything to make up for this..” To my surprise she crawls upto me and hugs me.

“It’s okay, don’t cry.” I hug her tight.

“There you go..Perfect photo of two people crying,” says Ray with a phone in his hand.

“Ray! Delete that picture!” Evana yells. He runs aways and she gets off the bed to get him. At least she stopped crying, though that buffon was going to threaten me for the rest of my life with that pic. 

We took her out for ice ceam and then returned to our respective cabinets.

Back home…

“Well, it didn’t go as horrible as I had expected..” I tell Vicky and Mama.

“That’s why I tell you not to get so involved,” Mama tells. Of course she has to have her version of everything under the sun.

“But I am glad you went back there and didn’t let her down, baby doll.” My mom just saved herself from me I guess.

In all this confusion, I have abandoned my ‘To The Girl Who Slapped Me’ journal and lost track of the number of recipes done. I decide to make something first and then sit down to fill out the undone recipes. Mama has bought lot of fresh fish from the market. Looks like it won’t hurt if I borrowed some..


  • Any fish( I used a species called Travelly)- three slices, boiled in water with some turmeric and salt, shredded with your hands
  • 1 potato boiled and mashed
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1 green chilli chopped finely
  • 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste.
  • Three sprigs of cilantro- chopped
  • cumin powder- 1 tsp
  • fennel powder- 1/2 tsp
  • salt to taste
  • 1 egg- beaten 
  • bread crumbs
  • garam masala- 1/2 tsp
  • juice of half a lemon


  • Add two tbsps of oil to a pan. add the fennel powder, cumin,  and ginger-garlic paste. Stir for a minute.
  • Add the onions and chilli and stir until they turn golden browm. Add the fish and stir for another 3-4 minutes. turn off the gas.
  • Add the mashed potatoes, cilantro and lemon juice.
  • divide into 7 equal parts.
  • Shape them as seen in the picture. Dip it in egg and roll in bread crumbs. Make sure the side are tightly sealed, else they may burst.
  • Keep on a medium flame and deep fry them. The medium flame will ensure they don’t burst at the sides.

    My mother has already made some yummy fish biryani for all of us. I fill my plate with biryani and 2 pieces of cutlets and run into my room to fill out the journal.

    I have to say that all this printing, cutting and sticking, isn’t the right job for Cassie. It’s rather too hard for me to cope up with the stress. I just realize, I never thanked Ray for everything he has done for me. What an idiot I am.

    “Hey! Are you sleeping or something?”

    “No..What about you?”

    “Nah! If I cry too much, I can’t sleep that fast! I can’t believe a six year old comforted me, when it had to be the other way around.” He starts laughing. “Thank you for making me go..”

    “Actually, Thank you for teaching me to care for someone.” Is this guy made of sugar or something. He is so sweet!

    “Are you in for a movie..” he asks.


    “Yes! it’s only 9:30. We can make it for the 10:30 show.”

    “I am cool. At least this time our seats don’t need a reservation..” Both of us laugh.

    …………………..To be continued

    34 thoughts on “The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 11/ Fish Cutlets

    1. I’ve watched a bit of Once Upon a Time as well–quite fun! But I always seem to have problems finishing series so I’ve only seen a bit of the first season. And I understand about neglecting your blog 😦 sometimes you don’t have enough time for everything! This was a heartwarming chapter with Evana 🙂 and yummy fish too!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. And I love reading yours! By the way, I finally made your methi rice! I did it one day when I was eating dinner on my own–cooked the onion and ginger garlic paste in a pan and then put everything in the rice cooker–and it was so aromatic and delicious!! I had it with an egg and some vegetables and it made for a very lovely and quick dinner! I didn’t have any coconut milk this time… I imagine that would only make it even better 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Btw I see that in your other post, you have challenged with this recipe. I am traveling right now so will take a little time do this…but just wanted to ask whether this can be done with salmon?

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    2. hi Lin
      Thank you for bringing this great sounding dish to Fiesta Friday! I like the sound of your spices with the fish, especially the fennel seeds, ginger and chilli!
      Your image seems to be broken and doesn’t show, it would have been lovely to see you dish!
      In the future could you please link up to Fiesta Friday in your post, It is just to make it easier for others to join in on the fun and find us! We are looking forward to seeing what you will bring us next time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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