The Recipe Challenge Next Week Feature Draw

I was just going to choose the recipe for the next week challenge. Then I realised, I might as well keep a draw. all you guys have to do is send a link of the post of your recipe by commenting below. I’ll try the lucky one and feature it on my post next week. Keep commenting!!

5 responses to “The Recipe Challenge Next Week Feature Draw”

  1. Lina love your idea. Please do try my dilkhu buns

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  2. […] if you all want me to feature it on my Recipe Challenge this coming week on my previos post. Click here for the […]


  3. Hi Lina – maybe you’d like to try making a soufflé? I’ll give you the link to the soufflé party so you could choose the one you like best…

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    1. Thanks a lot for the help:)

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