The 7 to 9 Chef/ Chapter 13/ Tuna Sanwiches with an Indian touch

Author’s note: I am in love with this chapter from some reason. Hopefully you all like it too!!:) BTW Please post the link of your recipe if you all want me to feature it on my Recipe Challenge this coming week on my previos post. Click here for the link.

Tuna Sandwiches with an Indian Touch and The Story Of A Disappointment

May 13..Wow..I’ve done pretty good for myself. Can’t believe the lazy Cassie has actually kept up with a challenge and come this far. But my laziness doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore with more things on my head like 1. Saving Jerry from Pa, 2. Saving myself from a promotion, 3. Pretend to like recruiting people in front of Ray, 4. Listening keenly to the loser sitting in front of me, 5. Try hard to cope up with point 4.

I have no clue if I sounded anything like this in my interview. But if I had, I wanna stab myself. I mean every person on this universe is so desperate for a job is it? I know I’m being ridiculous here, but if I could just quit this job and move into some country side, do a bit of farming for a little money and enjoy naturrrr…….Hmmm on second thoughts this sounds stupid! Probably something else a bit more fun, but quiting my job is ticked for sure. Well, since the remote control over my career life is with Papa, as of now I just got to pretend I am all ears and jot down some false notes in my report. Poor guy! Can’t believe he considers me as some perfect HR and is wasting loads of his energy.

“Mam I am done.” He stares at me. Oops! God only knows how long he has been waiting for me to question him.

“Ruth, if you could move on to your next question it would lovely,” says Hemant. OMG! Is he looking annoyed? He is slightly biting his teeth, looking at his watch. Awesome ! Awesome! Just plain awesome. I just wish he hates me and removes the idea of my promotion from his head.

“Sure sir. Had some points to note down.” I smile. But why is he smiling back?

A few minutes later when we are done Hemant says, ” Cassie, I should say I am impressed. No one puts in so much effort to make a good report. Yesterday’s work was also perfect.” My big stupid mouth. Did I have to add that! My life is over. I am officialy doomed.


“Cassie, can I rely on you or should I just stick to my previous plan? The fee due date is nearing too. I don’t want to waste the money at UBC and neither the seat.”

“This isn’t some freaking movie ok, Jerry, where we will find some long lost diary of Pa’s and give some big speech to him and thereby reform him. Things take time in the real world. I tell you what. You decline the seat at UBC and on the forefront maintain everything is fine sort of attitude.”

“You know we don’t lie to our parents.”

“Then just run away and have Papa abandon you for the rest of his life.”

“Okay..Whatever..Now what do you want me to do?”

“I thought you don’t lie to our parents.”

“Sometimes there can be an exception, right?”

“Hmm…if you say so..haha. First and foremost thing to do is to take down that big box from the loft that has mama and pa’s old stuff. We should search for some diary or anything like that..”

“I thought that only happens in movies.”

“Well life could be easy if it were a mov…” My phone starts ringing to interrupt the speech I was about to give. Hemant is calling. I freeze.

“Hello Sir.”

“hello Ruth, Hemant here.” Something is wrong. I can sense it.

“Ruth, I don’t have much time. So let’s keep this short. We would love to have you work in the recruitment board with us. It’s a promotion for you and a raise in pay. The previous two recruitments you did were just a test for you which you excelled for sure.”

My life is actually over. I say this always, but I mean it now. I stand there like a cursed statue.
“Ruth? Are you there?”

“Sorry sir. This is a shock for me. It’s..well it’s..” What should I tell him? it’s the worst day I have had since that night. ” it’s great news. Can’t wait to work with you all.”

“I have to run. See you tomorrow then.”

Probably I should run away too with Jerry. I was mad to even think Papa would change his mind about our careers.

“Who was on the line and what happened?”

“I..I just got promoted.” My mind is blank. Running away? Seriously? Should I do it? I have enough cash in my bank to last me months.

“Wow! That’s so so cool. Paps will be so proud.” Jerry hugs me. Tears start flowing down my cheek as I shut my eyelids. Everything feels dizzy except my running away plan.

“Cass, are you crying?”

“Yeah! Tears of joy.” Running away it is then! I mean, when I think of it, why should Jerry put such a thought into my head? It had to happen. It’s my destiny. Probably years down the lane i’ll publish a book called, “Wanna start your life? Then run away.” I can be an amazing philanthropist. Great! All I have to do now is act perfectly normal for now to become an example for young souls with no life, one fine day.

“Omg Jerry! Look at the time. I should go make some dinner and then get some sleep. Big day tomorrow.”

“Ok then, we can resume our search tomorrow.” You mean you could darling bro…hehe!!

I got to rush and do something simple for dinner. Something that cooks fast. Yes! Got it..Tuna sandwiches… Just this morning I felt so proud of myself for having come this far. Ray should have named it The 12 Day Challenge..haha..Ray..Oh God! Running away from my current life means running away from Ray…but sacrifices have to be made right..right?

How I’m going to miss that lanky hair of his. His snorty laugh and the way his nose flares while smiling and most importantly the way he asks me always, “Are you alright Cass?”……”Cassie forget him. You have to save your life atleast this time,” I warn myself and get on with my work..

As I start frying the onions, tears drop down my cheek. I love Ray, I know I do because I have never felt this way before, so happy, so full of energy…I would never admit that to him, but there is no harm if I admitted it to myself, I hope. He will move on because he would never know I loved him. I’ll be just a passing cloud who always annoyed him from his point of view….. He won’t even remember me 10 years from now, I guess. Why years? He won’t remember me after 10 days, probably even 10 hours. Why should I care? He will be alright anyways, so there is no problem…..

The onions at the bottom start turning black as I have forgotten to stir them, lost in my thoughts.

But will I be alright? Staying away from Ray and my family? I shouldn’t care about all this. I’ll miss them more than anything in the world but my promotion can give me more pain than the missing part. With that, I reslove not to think about Ray for the next how many ever hours till I’m far far away from Bangalore. Just then I realize I don’t know where to go.

After some thought, I decide on Manali. I have to catch a flight to Delhi and then a taxi to Manali.  I instantly take out my phone, book a ticket to Delhi. Luckily there is one for tomorrow morning at 5:00. I knew this was what I was meant for. If I sneak out of the house after Jerry sleeps there won’t be any problem at all. I seal the sanwiches and call my brother for dinner.


  • 1 can of tuna fish in water
  • salt to taste
  • cumin powder- 1 tsp
  • garam masala- 1/2 tsp
  • Chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
  • 1 big onion- chopped finely
  • 1 green chilli chopped finely
  • 3 garlic cloves- chopped finely
  • 1 inch ginger- chopped finely
  • few sprigs of cilantro- chopped finely
  • juice of half a lime
  • 1/2 cup grated cheese
  • bread slices


Add two tbsp of oil in a pan. add the cumin and garam masala powders. When they crackle add the chillis, garlic and ginger. Fry for 2 minutes. Then add the onions and fry until translucent. Add salt, chilli powder and the tuna fish. Stir until the fish is cooked. Switch off the stove and add the cheese, cilantro and lime juice. Stightly toast the bread with butter in a tava. Stuff enough tuna between two slices and enjoy the easy sandwich.


After dinner, Jerry went into his room and locked it. I immediately run into mine and quickly shove in whatever comes into my hands into my suit case. I put in some of my favourite frames without looking at them. But my stupid eyes fall on the picture with Evana sitting on my Beetle and I warning her. Ray had taken this on my birthday. I never even thought of her in all this confusion. “Don’t get sentimental again Cassandra, Ray is there, He’ll take care of her.” I reassure myslef and resume my packing, actually throwing. Suddenly I remember my Beetle..Papa was so kind to give an awesome gift like that..but if it wasn’t for him, I didn’t have to do this….only if….. no no nooo!!! I can’t let my crazy thoughts wander anymore, I have an expedition to make.

I slowly keep my ears to Jerry’s bedroom door. There is no significant noise. Then I switch off all the lights to check if any light is coming from his room through the gap at the bottom of the door. Having confirmed he was fast asleep, I decide to make a move. I say a small prayer, write a note saying, “Sorry I had to run, luv Cass. PS- don’t search for me. PPS- I love you all.”, then I pin it onto the refrigerator, lock the door, hide the key under the door mat outside and I walk into the lift.

As the taxi drives off, a certain excitement befalls over me. I realize I haven’t done anything so crazy in my life, though I am crazy. Travelling has been an impossibility with that shitty job of mine. But now I am a free bird and I get to do what I want. No one can question me. I feel like an adult which I never have in all these years. My phone beeps as usual to interrupt my freedom . Sheesh I should have thrown the sim away. They can track me with it. but it’s not to late anyways. It is a text from Ray.

GN Cassie baby…see you tom:)

I immediately switch off the phone without taking another look at the text. I take out the sim, break it into half and I chuck it out of the window.

It’s almost 12:40 when I reach the airport. I am too early to check in now. So I decide to sit at the coffee shop and drink some coffee to keep me awake. Three hours pass by and I am so drowsy that I could fall off the chair. The stupid coffee didn’t work! Realizing it’s almost 20 minutes to 4, I scramble up my luggage to make a move. A voice stops me.

“Would you mind if we joined you for a cup of coffee??” says a voice.

I look up to find Ray and Jerry standing in front of me….

……………………………To be continued

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  1. Your tuna sandwiches look beautiful and really tasty Lina!!! Think I’ll pin this to try one day… yum! I have to read some of your previous chapters but looking forward to reading this one soon! 🙂

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