The Recipe Challenge/3rd week

Okay, so I shouldn’t really be naming this the 3rd week, cause it’s almost been 2 weeks since I made a recipe challenge post. I am gonna keep thus post super short cause I’m super busy. This week it’s Jaya’s dahi vada. Click for the link..I am really really sorry about the pic. My cam battery was dead and my phone was also almost dying and my ipad wasn’t with me. Nevertheless the dahi vadas were amazing and I enjoyed making it. Of course I loved eating it too…lovely recipe Jaya!

Link the person who nominated you to the post.
Nominate another 3, to keep up the chain and let them know.
Please please share your experience.
And even if it was a flop, do make a post.
You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
Any questions or any doubts plz ask me @ Lin’s Recipes
list out the rules too.


This week I am going to challenge my nominations with my Watermelon Mojitos.

My nominations are:
2. Jaya @
Atb guys! Hope you all take part..

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