Some changes in the Recipe Challenge

First of all, it’s not going to be called Recipe Challenge anymore. Rather it’ll be known as The Recipe Challenge Contest. So how does it work?
1. It’ll be held from Sunday to Wednesday every week.
2. There is going to be an ingredient for every week.
3. Based on the ingredient, any blogger (it’s not necessary you’ll have to be a food blogger) can prepare a dish.
4. I’ve just signed up for inlinkz. So all you’ll have to do is, link your recipe to my post every  Sunday.
5. The forth coming week will feature the winner of the previous week with the ingredient for the next week. The winner gets the privilege to choose the ingredient for  the next week.
6. Also be free to link up any of your old posts based on that ingredient if any.

How will you all be judged?
1. Presentation
2. Original recipe will get more credits( not compulsory)
3. Elaborate steps
4. An interesting recipe title

Next Sunday is going to be the first week. I am not expecting a lot of participants for the first week. But let’s see how it turns out.

The ingredient for the 1st week of this competition is POTATO!

Plz do share this post on your blogs too if you all find it interesting. Cause as they say the more the merrier:)

Warm regards

41 thoughts on “Some changes in the Recipe Challenge

      1. There will be a button saying add link..don’t worry I’ll give the details on the post next’ll find that post on your reader


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