So here is the 1st week of the contest. Hope I get atleast a few linkups in:) So as everyone who follows my blog knows this week’s ingredient is potato. I am pretty new to this inlinkz thing, therefore I am gonna keep this short. Before I sign off, the next week’s main ingredient will be any MINCED MEAT.  This link up will be open till Wednesday….

Omg I just saw that you could view the link ups by other bloggers only if you click on the blue thumbnail click to view and add your links..i’ll make sure I sort this out by my next post. Please do visit the blogs too after adding your links…..


  1. I absolutely love this idea.. And would like to take part too 🙂 do I have until end of this week? Also I don’t eat meat so don’t Cook with it either.. Should I take part in all the weeks’ contests if I start now? Sorry for asking too many questions 🙂

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    1. Please do take part…Thanks for bringing to my notice abut the meat factor..I will tell a substitute for it…you can take part in it every week….would love to see your recipes😊


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