Recipe Ideas Plzzzzzz

Yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow my friends are coming…so plz give some ideas of what to do…simple desserts mainly…☺☺☺.TY
With love

48 thoughts on “Recipe Ideas Plzzzzzz

      1. oh yes I am sorry, I searched when you asked me a long time ago!! Sorry, I could not find one I had used! I dont have contact with my mother in law or I could ask her! I don’t like to pass on any recipe unless I have tried it and it works! So sorry for not responding dear!!!! I had quite a busy summer and in allot of stress, but still should have told you about the recipe!!! much love, Lynn

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  1. Belated birthday wishes dear 🙂
    I have a simple no bake Oreo dessert you can make , crush Oreo biscuits and add enough melted butter , and press it in a pie pan, similar to a cheesecake crust base , refrigerate this while you prepare your filling , simmer 1/2 cup cream in a saucepan , in anothe bowl take 1 cup of chocolate as per your preference , if you take dark , then add sugar in the cream when u sinner it ! Add cream to the chocolate,once you see the chocolate melting , start stirring to form a smooth silky mixture , add this to your tart pan, and refrigerate until set , the chocolate mixture will harden but soft enough to bite Ito it , according to the size of your pan , prepare the chocolate filling , cream: chocolate :: 1:2 , basic recip for ganache

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      1. This is a normal chocolate tart sweetie ! I do have a cheesecake muffin recipe too, it will be in my older post 🙂 but I really suggest the chocolate tart as its quick and looks good too 🙂 either way I know you will do a great job on it 🙂

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