Thanks a lot Magda and Freda and Mama



This was Magda’s awesome key lime pie. It looked so good and tasted so much better. Unfortunately I didn’t have coconut oil so went with butter..plz click here fr the link..thanks a lot Magda….


Once again an awesome recipe from Freda’s kitchen as always…I baked them on skewers. These were one of the tastiest sheek kebabs I have ever  tasted..thanks a ton here fr the link . Btw the chocolate tart is still in the fridge….will let u know how it tastes asap..


My mom’s different sort of chicken shepherd’s very very delicious..I’ll post a recipe soon☺..


Again her brilliant Chettinad chicken biryani garnished with grated egg whites..I’ll post this also soon

20 thoughts on “Thanks a lot Magda and Freda and Mama

  1. So many delicious dishes! Everything looks so yummy and it sounds like such a fun birthday celebration 🙂 I’m amazed by all the recipes you’ve tried from fellow bloggers–something I want to do more often! And your mom’s dishes both look so good…!!

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  2. All the recipes look wonderful. I’m intrigued by your mom’s shepherd’s pie – it’s definitely diiferent to the usual shepherd’s pie and looks extremely tasty. I also love the look of Magda’s key lime pie. 🙂

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