Help Plzzzzzz! !

There is going to be a food haul at our church…my mom and I were planning to put up a muffin stall…Probably basic chocolate and vanilla muffins…The money collected will be going for charity. Do pass on some simple recipes for muffins that have been tried by you all☺
With warm regards


24 thoughts on “Help Plzzzzzz! !

  1. Try my Banana Muffins with Banana and Peanut Butter Filling. A must for any peanut butter lover
    My Blueberry muffins with Crumb Topping are amazing, too.
    If you can’t find coconut sugar and turbinado sugar, use brown sugar only.
    If almond meal and flaxseed meal are difficult to find, use only all-purpose flour. The muffins might not be as moist, though.
    Let me know if you use any of my recipes.
    Good luck!


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