70 word story

So my friend challenged me with a 50 word story…but I couldn’t! This had 70 words..and I thought I should post it anyways!…will be back with a 50 word story in no time☺☺☺☺

I want to resist…but I can’t, because this is what I am meant to do…

He looks terror-stricken. This is going to end ugly, and I am pretty sure he knows it better. But yet he screams for help, wriggling like an earthworm. Oh how I wish I can help him!

But it isn’t in my hands, for it never matters how sharp I am, rather how well I am wielded…..


17 thoughts on “70 word story

  1. Intriguing story, Lina. Whatever is about to happen to the man doesn’t sound very pleasant. I do agree with youthfoodblog, though. The tense does change. Odd words are in the past tense, when you started in the present. I can explain, if need be, what needs changing. Also, check your spelling of wielded (i before e). The story works really well apart from these few things.

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    1. Ok I just realised…it’s very hard to edit your own work…thanks for correcting..And sorry about the spelling, I really don’t know what I was thinking 😂. ..Thank you once again ☺

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    2. I think I have corrected it..anyways thanks for telling me. I didn’t even realise. I was so interested to write a story from the point of the knife, that I hardly realised the grammar. Men’s thoughts are stronger than weapons…

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      1. Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes we just get carried along with the storyline. It was a good little story, full of suspense, and it was a shame to let a couple of things like that spoil it.


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