The Lonely Bicycle/ Flash Fiction

This is my first time at Flash Fiction. Hope this story makes justice. We have to basically write a short about the promo they have every week. I have added the picture. Click the link for more info. I am going to be a bit busy because my semester exams are starting soon. So please don’t mind if I am not consistent.

The Lonely Bicycle

As  I see the abandoned bicycle lying there, deserted, against the wall, I remember the good times when Max was here. Oops! Looks like my bread is already ready. For a while now, ever since Max left for college, I have been feeling so distressed and empty. It’s this common mother thing, but since he was the only one left for me after my husband’s death, I think I became a little more emotionally dependant on him.

untitled(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

I miss those lovely times we used to have loading his bicycle for delivering my bread. These days I have other people coming over to do the job. I was annoyed at first to give someone else Max’s place, but got used to it with no other option.

Yet another day and that little brat is again late. As I wait for the ring, someone knocks. Looks like the brat has finally come.

“Mam, is the bread ready for delivery?” I stand there in bewilderment.

“Max!!!” Tears of joy fill my eyes….

“Happy birthday Mama!!”

(word count: 168)



29 thoughts on “The Lonely Bicycle/ Flash Fiction

  1. Wonderful story of a mother reminiscing of her beloved son and then he surprises her! Great story! Welcome to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge! We are happy you have joined us and hope you will continue to join us each week as we all share our flash fiction stories. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely surprise for Mama at the end. It’s a sad fact that no one works as well in a family business as family members themselves. That bicycle certainly evoked powerful memories in the mother. Great use of the prompt, Lina. 🙂

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