My Duchess Potatoes 

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

FIESTA FRIDAY’S 100th week!!!!! Click on this link if you want to join the party! I am taking these utterly delicious Duchess potatoes to the party ☺..Our lovely co-hosts for the two week long party areJudi, Steffi, Molly and Suzanne.

I have been so busy with Christmas and exams that I really couldn’t get time to post any Christmasy goodies though we made so many varieties…This was something I added to the appetizer menu for Christmas dinner and they were so damn delicious and how can I forget, they were so easy to make too.

This is actually a french delicacy, but I altered it’s flavourings..They aren’t actually very flavoured. Btw it is pronounced as ‘Doochess’..

1.2 big potatoes: around 300g, boiled and peeled.
2.2 1/2 tbsp butter- around 40 gram
3. 1/2 tsp dried rosemary
4. I added a little bit of red chilli paprika for colour, around a tsp
5. 1 EGG, beaten well
6. Salt to taste

Method :
Mash the potatoes with salt.


Add in the butter. It should be soft.


Unfortunately I took a very tiny bowl, so I had to transfer it to another bowl while beating in the eggs.



Add the rosemary and paprika..Feel free to use your own flavourings. Now beat well with an electric beater for 5 minutes at least.



Fill a piping bag and fix a star nozzle.
I am really bad at piping. Anyways, now you should pipe it onto a greased tray with a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree celsius for 15 to 20 mins.



This is how it looks after baking. I felt they looked really cute and tasted much better. Make sure you’ll serve this immediately after baking. It tastes amazing when hot..


Some look good and some crooked..XD..totally forgot to add..while taking the potatoes out of the baking sheet please use a sharp spatula – a pie knife for instance..

Merry Christmas!

62 thoughts on “My Duchess Potatoes 

  1. They look amazing, Lin! I’ve seen them in restaurants but never thought about making them as it seemed quite difficult. You’ve almost convinced me! OK, you actually did convince me, because you convinced my kids who were looking over my shoulder and are now demanding it …
    Thanks for bringing them along to Fiesta Friday – may the Fiesta be with you!
    Ginger x

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  2. What festive potatoes for your holiday dinner. Like Ginger I have always appreciated them at restaurants but never made them – why? who knows! Hope your exams went well – I sure do remember those days, especially since I have a BA and a Masters – lots of schooling! Thanks so much for sharing with the BIG 100 party celebration at Fiesta Friday. There are lots of sweets so we need some good side dishes like yours. Happy Holidays…

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    1. Thank you so much Judi..infact my exams are still going on! Really glad you liked these…do try them since you haven’t yet…They taste amazing and also easy to make☺


    1. Thank you Papillon…I am glad you liked my blog..mine is only 7 months old and I’ve learned quite a few things already..WordPress is wonderful and the people here are sweet…I will chk out your blog right away…

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