Who has taken what and what is remaining!!!!!

So this is just the list of the bloggers who have chosen their recipes
for the Rare Recipe challenge ☺☺ The last day is Jan 31st!!!!!!


1. Lina(that’s me) from lins239.wordpress.com – Chicken Fricasse
2. Ronit Penso from ronitpenso.wordpress.com– Moussaka
3. Jean from whitehousereddoor.com – Shish Taouk
4. Daniela from www.mygorgeousrecipes.com– Abodo
5. Freda from aromaticessence.co – Galouti Kebab
6 . Kathryn from anotherfoodieblogger.wordpress.com– coq au vin
7. CHCooks from cookingfrommyheart.wordpress.com – Lymmonyk
8. goatsandgreens.wordpress.com – Camaron Rebosado
9. Natascha from nataschapalace.wordpress.com– Rogan josh
10. Lili from lilicakes.com. com– char siu bao
11. SKD from aromasandflavours.com – Haleem
12. Vidhya from www.vidhyashomecooking.com – Pasanday

The recipe remaining:

Please come forward and choose your recipes! There is time until jan 31st to submit…

23 thoughts on “Who has taken what and what is remaining!!!!!

    1. Coincidently I chose Chicken Fricassee…I adapted the recipe from an old French cookbook…it was really fun…I ve put up the list for Feb do check it out…I am holding these type of challenges every month☺☺ there are very few recipes remaining


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