Rules for the Recipe Challenge

1. Once you have tried the recipe and have made a draft, please send me a message by commenting on any of my posts.
2. On that last week of every month I’ll make a post with the linking tool..
3. Once you’ll publish just add the challenge picture and the link of the post I will make for all of you to link in your published posts.
4. Please visit the other links there and comment on them☺ at their respective blogs.
5. Also write a short note on your experience.
6. Let me know if you’ll liked this challenge and if I can host something like this every month.
7. Most importantly, Enjoy! Enjoy! and Enjoy!
8. Your recipes have to be adapted from a source, so tell your readers the variation you have given☺

There is just one more recipe remaining -Pasanday. Someone come forward and choose it! Join the fun:)

8 thoughts on “Rules for the Recipe Challenge

      1. Thank! I have recipe book with that recipe! I have had it with me for so long and I didn’t even know that recipe was in it! You check out some of your books too..

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