Cake Challenge- Who is doing what and what’s remaining!

Hi Hi Hi! I am actually not in town..I’m having fun and blogging at Madurai, my home town!! Once I am back in Bangalore, i’ll post some amazing recipes from over here like mutton keema dosas and kothu parotta! My cousin is also getting married so I am quite excited because I love dressing up for Weddings!! Just in case I miss any posts, please pardon me. I really love all the blogs I follow! So a sorry in advance if I miss a post☺☺☺

When I was in school, during every term holiday there will be some or the other homework, projects, but sem hols at college  are so much more fun cause we don’t repeat any subject after the semester is done!

Ok! Now I have just rambled about random stuff! 

Another thing, the Rare Recipe challenge closes in about 3 days and 21 hours, so incase you haven’t submitted your links, do it soon before it closes!!!!!!!

Here is the list of what the other lovely bloggers are doing for the month of Feb! And there is only ONE recipe remaining!

1. Trupti from – Bolo de Mel
2. Lina from – Kolache
3. Natascha from – Opera cake and Lane cake
4. Sadie from– Banoffee Pie
5. Antonio from – Pan di Spagna
6. Freda from – Cassata
7. – Welsh cake, Napoleonshat and Budapest langd
8. Rebecca from– Ruske kape
9. Laurie from – Vinarterta
10. – Kremowka
11. Daniela from – Cremeschnitte

What’s remaining
Dobos cake

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