Sweet Wheat Packets!

It’s been such a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep doing this always though, so I’ll just decently move on to the recipe..I wonder how many posts I missed…Please forgive me..


OMG ! These were utter delicacies. My aunts make these always. I never used to like it. But today when my mom was making pooris, I decided to try this with some of the dough! And wow! I never knew they tasted so good!…So here I am posting the recipe for you’ll.


1. 2 cups wheat flour
1. 1 cup grated fresh coconut( in case you don’t have and it isn’t available, use desiccated coconut)
3. 3/4 th cup sugar

1. Make a wheat dough by adding enough water to the wheat flour. Don’t make it too loose. The dough should be a bit tight but not too much.
2. Mix the coconut and sugar and keep aside.
3. Roll out and with a cookie cutter of about 4 inches in diameter, make impressions and get them out.


4. Add about 1 1/2 tsp of this filling. Join the edges to make a semicircular pattie. With a fork press the edges.




5. Deep fry these until a light golden brown on both sides in a kadai.



24 thoughts on “Sweet Wheat Packets!

  1. I am including your post in my The Miranda Sings Award nominations. The post will be on 2/24/16. I had others lined up and pre-schelduled. The title is: “Country Roads ~ Indian Summer,” since the woman who nominated me is a farmer/speech language pathologist. Just keep your eyes peeled and hope to have some friends come check your recipes out. Smiles, Robin ♡


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