Random Thoughts!

Ok! So I’m not the kind of person who does this always, but of late or for the past many years I have really wanted to confront this issue and get it out my system…so bear with me Plzzzzzz!

It was not until a few days back that I had read this post, saying “She might not be the most beautiful girl in the world, but she is to her guy” or something in that sense, and it got me thinking. After a lot of  thought I told myself “do this post, Lina” , cause from when did we need some guy to make us realize we are beautiful? Are girls actually blind to their beauty?

Living in India, where girls literally drench themselves with sunscreen just so that they don’t get themselves tanned even to a tiny extent, will not be an easy journey for a dusky or a dark girl. I am dusky and I am in fact very content with it! I’ve had people calling me chocolate ice-cream, but I have always taken it as a compliment. Infact I’ve replied to these comments, saying  that I like chocolate ice-cream over all the other flavours any day !

If complexion is what defines beauty then why did God give us eyes, nose, eye brows, lips, nose and hair???? The actual problem arises when WE TEND TO LOOK DOWN UPON OURSELVES. I get up in the morning, thinking I am the most beautiful girl in the world, I am sorry if someone thinks I am wrong!

If being fair is the trend, we have to ask ourselves “don’t we also get to set our own trend as the youngsters of the world?”
What we are is our style and apart from enhancing it, we don’t have any right to ruin it! These commercials on TV are completely stupid and annoying and not even relevant to our life.

Complexion is just something I’ve personally been teased with. Everyone of us may have something else. But we just can’t sit there and crib about it just because someone else has already set the rules that a girl must exactly look like something. Create your own rules guys!

We have all the right in the world to be ourself! I can step out of my house without a touch of makeup, can you’ll too? Why spoil the wonderful skin we have been gifted with? Apart from occasions, wearing makeup is completely useless.

Do you have frizzy hair and feel uncomfortable letting it down without straightening it? Don’t be!!!!!! CAUSE IT’S WHO YOU ARE!!!!! Or you think you have too many pimples and can’t live without  concealer? Don’t worsen them by wearing makeup. Don’t touch them, they’ll vanish before you even know it!
Your eyes are too tiny and you think it looks bad without a dash of eyeliner or kajal, YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!

I could just keep talking and talking and talking! So let me stop right here! Share this post with all the teens and adolescents you’ll know, plzzzzzz!  I am no philosopher, but just another 19 yr old!

With lots and lots of love,

47 thoughts on “Random Thoughts!

  1. 19 and a very intelligent woman. Awesome post. You are right in every sense. I am pale and I have been told how much better I would look with a tan! And really, what possesses a person to tell you how you can look so much better according to a distorted and unrealistic image of what beauty is?

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  2. What I have learned from living this life is that only I need to think that I am beautiful. I don’t care what my hair looks like, God gave some of us darker skin and I love my skin color and texture. I wear what “I” think looks good on me, not what’s in style or people think a certain age person shouldn’t wear. I don’t believe in letting my “personal temple” go, so I eat healthy and only when I’m hungry, and I exercise daily to keep everything moving. Don’t be a woman who feels like she needs to fit any standards of society and phony magazine pics and tv ads.

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  3. I am a brunette, 8 have parents who raised me to love myself and feel confident. We were participants in a free program for inner city children where we took our toys and set up a classroom in a basement of a church. The children who came learned preschool lessons preparing them for kindergarten. Mom was a teacher, I was 6, brothers 5 and 3 1/2. We had fun every half day of the week for 3 summers in a row. This was called Head Start One summer, I helped a colorblind child delineate red, yellow and green so he could cross the road using a stoplight. We colored, sang and fed them a meal from our family’s kitchen to the basement. It was only one example of being humble and not making someone feel bad for their limited income. It taught me people are ALL beautiful, inside and out. Sad that society has still commercials and movies featuring a certain kind of “beauty.” Lina, I hope this post gets many to “stop and think!” 🙂 hugs, Robin ♡

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    1. That’s great! You are a good person…I just thought this post might help all the girls feel beautiful! Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment! I hope everyone can think like you☺

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  4. Hi Lina, as women we can be our worse critics. Growing up I was extremely hard on myself. It was not until I began to accept the love of God and see myself the way he does that I realized that beauty comes from a place within. Today, at 51 I embrace who I am better than I ever did much younger. Thanks for sharing such a powerful piece.

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  5. It’s like I want to punch somebody’s face right now!
    I never, in my entire life, laughed or talked about someone’s complexion or any physical features. People mostly calls me fat & before, I was completely annoyed! Now, I am taking that as a compliment with a saying “Yes, I am big and beautiful.” You really can’t please everybody – some likes us the way we are and some are not. What we have to do is just be ourselves and don’t mind those people who are trying to get us down or feel us upset about ourselves.
    And I agree with Natascha, 19 & with so much talent within. I am 34 and beautiful. 😛


      1. I know a person who is so scared of getting old due to the wrinkles she will have and I told her that there are more serious things in life to be afraid of than having wrinkles! Haha!

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  6. What is beautiful about this post Lina, is the truth and convictions that you’ve written. I loved if from the beginning to end. That’s why Iove the words from the Bible, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Thanks for sharing your tender true heart with us. xo

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  7. You are wonderful. So very wise and eloquent in your heartfelt words! I struggle with the way I look, I have for many years and however much I’ve heard encouragement about my own ‘looks’ I still can’t go out without makeup. I’m glad that you’ve learned to value yourself and your true, natural beauty at an early age! It’s truly an incredible asset to LOVE YOURSELF. No words from anyone external can help you to grow in confidence and achieve your own potential more than belief in yourself. Thanks for sharing these words Lina (in your beautiful chocolate ice cream skin!) xx

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