My blog is turning a year old!

My stupid blog is turning a year old in 4 days! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I just had the biggest mental breakdown ever as I scrolled through some of my previous posts! God! There were just too many errors…I really feel I need to correct them before my blog’s birthday. And I am also planning to take some resolutions. The very first one would be to read my post before publishing it! Esp my stories..I’ve messed some up big time with the grammar 😢😢😢😢

46 thoughts on “My blog is turning a year old!

      1. Hahaha! Thanks Natascha…if only I had read my posts once before publishing though😐…it’s ok, from now on I shall change😂😂😂😂😂

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  1. Our blogs are a peek into our lives, none of our lives are perfect and neither are the blogs. Don’t worry about it, we all make mistakes, its part of life. Congratulations on your beautiful blog turning one year. YAY!!

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  2. First, your blog is not stupid! I love your blog, Lina.
    Second, I am always in a hurry when I write my draft and I do read them more than three times, but I always find error! Don’t worry, you are not alone and Elaine is right – we are here for the food! 😛
    Third, I am also planning to edit my previous posts, but I think that would take me too long as I am turning 3 next month! Whew!

    Congrats in advance, Lina! And I am happy to meet you through our blogs and our common interest – food! 😀

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  3. congratulations!! I like your blog, don’t be hard on yourself! If you feel like you made lots of errors.. well, you will improve with each post!! (says the girl with the blog not even 1 moth old…)

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  4. I understand this feeling exactly Lina! For me it’s not always grammar errors, but I write the silliest and most melodramatic things. I feel so embarrassed looking back at what I wrote!!! Hahaha, to prevent myself from bursting from embarrassment or deleting everything, I just try to avoid looking at my older posts…. I think we all feel this way a bit 🙂 If it sounds okay today, it sounds ridiculous by tomorrow!
    Also, congrats on almost one year old! It’s been so long–time really flew!

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  5. We all make lots of errors with our first blog posts, Lina, and nobody expects perfection first time round. If you feel the need to alter anything, you can always do it a bit at a time. Happy blogging anniversary, anyway! 🙂

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