The Thunder Cake Challenge!

Please do take part in this amazing challenge hosted by Natascha! I am really excited, hope you all are too!

Natascha's Palace


Hello everyone!

Here is my next challenge! I am really looking forward to this one! So, the question may arise, ¨What is Thunder Cake?¨ It is a cake that is mentioned in a story by the same name by Patricia Polacco. Here is a summary of what it is about!

It is a beautiful book and it is based on a true story. In the end the Russian grandmother reminds her granddaughter of all the times she was brave throughout the story. I love the illustrations and at the end of the story, there is the recipe in order to make your OWN thunder cake!

When I think of thunder I remember two incidents. One was when I was a child. When I was afraid of thunder, my mom would tell me that it was God moving his furniture. The sound didn´t seem so scary when she told me that…

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