The Recipe Exchange Event #1

I am so sorry for the delay. I had a confusion with the date! How stupid of me…..Please do pardon me:) In case you’ll haven’t chosen a recipe yet, please do it now. And the most important thing- DON”T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!! CLICK THE BLUE THUMBNAIL ABOVE TO ADD AND VIEW LINKS:) IT’LL will be open until the 23rd of March:) Take your time:)


– Zeba



13 responses to “The Recipe Exchange Event #1”

  1. […] she has posted a challenge titled ‘The Recipe Exchange‘. I was lucky that day as I was already scrolling down the Reader section of WordPress and so […]


  2. How can I take part please? Would love to be part of this great idea.

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    1. Oops! You are actually a little late Nadia…but I’ve an another challenge going on! Check that out plz😊


  3. I am so excited – this is my first time to join. 😀 Thanks a lot, Lina. x

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    1. I had fun seeing you take part!

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      1. I had fun making your parcels, too. 😀

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  4. This was fun, Lina!

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  5. […] at Lin’s recipes had the great idea to host a recipe exchange this month.  I was excited to participate and just had to try Julia’s Red Onion Savoury Jam […]

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  6. […] you – you bookmark all these recipes but rarely ever get to make them? Right! I do too. Well, Lina @Lin’s Recipe came up with a brilliant idea of Recipe exchange where we recreate recipes given by fellow […]

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