I missed my 1st Blogiversary

I have had so much going on and I  really didn’t find time to celebrate my first Blogiversary with my lovely blogger friends! But yes, I did have fun. I cut a cake and treated some friends. My mom made a beautiful card for me. On the whole I had fun! But yet I feel bad I didn’t do a post.

I have always wanted my blog to depict creativity and promote creative cooking but yet making edible food….Hence, I’ll be soon hosting the CREATIVE INGREDIENT CHALLENGE. I’ll be announcing an ingredient most probably a veggie. Just comment below if you’ll want to participate. This will mostly be happening in the 2nd week of April I guess.

So I’ll sign off with this, cause my class is about start! Happy blogging..see you all soon!



My mom’s card😊

48 thoughts on “I missed my 1st Blogiversary

  1. Hi, Lina. Congrats on your first blogiversary. Your Mom is so sweet to make you this card. Cheers to more delicious recipes and amazing challenges. 🙂 You remind me that I’ll be having my blogiversary next month, too. I almost forgot about it as I am so busy at work. 😦

    Take care,
    x Jhuls

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