The Creative Ingredient Challenge

This will be happening somewhere around the 2nd week of April. This a tribute to my lovely blog for turning a year old😊. My blog is my 3rd best friend after my lovely 2 other best friends!

You’ll must use the ingredient given to make a creative dish that would impress your best friend. If she/he stays close by, they could even taste it and give a review…

Btw do check out the April Challenge in case you’ll haven’t yet! Click here

1. A creative recipe using the ingredient.
2. Has to be original
3. Most importantly it must impress your best friend tasting it or reading your post
4. The post must contain a tiny sweet memory with your bestie
5. Have loads of fun!
6. Comment to know your ingredient!

So what is that secret ingredient? Who wants to know it??????



The pic of veggies used in the above collage was from Google Images 😊

Participants till now!
1. Natascha– Aubergine
2. Elaine– Broccoli and Cauliflower
3. goatsandgreens– Potato
4. Laurie – Okra
5. Bhavna– Peas

62 thoughts on “The Creative Ingredient Challenge

      1. Sure☺ The challenge is creating a creative recipe their bestie loves . So just two criteria! Let me know which two are the most deserving according to you….you can mail it in ☺

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  1. Lina…this looks like such a fun idea. I don’t think I can participate though as I am the middle of a kitchen remodel so no cooking happening for the next few weeks:( Hope to come back to join something new in my sparkly new kitchen soon.

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  2. I’d be willing to participate. Pick an ingredient, and I’ll do my best to impress the friend who stepped up several extra miles when I broke my ankle last fall. (She is allergic/has severely bad reactions to coconut and tree nuts,and to raw tomatoes, and so I’ll never cook anything with those items for her.)

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  3. Lina! I’m late to wishing your blog a happy first blogiversary! I can’t remember when I first started following your blog, but it’s been a while!!
    I’m debating between this challenge and the surprise challenge (though both are quite a surprise), and now I think I’ve settled on this one as I love the idea of being creative with vegetables!

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    1. That’s great to know! Thanks fr the wishes btw😊 your ingredient will be okra or lady’s it available fr u..I’ll check your kadai paneer tomorrow btw!

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  4. If I were talking to you, in person, I would say chocolate cake with one extra ingredient of mayonnaise, coke or applesauce are three unique ways to change the taste and texture of chocolate cake. 🙂 Happy challenge to your cooking friends!! ❤

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