North Indian Curry Challenge-March

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great! Do check out my 2 new challenges lined up for April without fail! I am so so sooooooo sorry for being so infrequent these days…My schedule was like that…I am trying to get back to blogging, but in case I miss some of your future posts do forgive me:) BTW I had partcipated in a short story writing competition recently. The topic was ‘DREAMS’. My story won the second place. They gave me a certificate and a cash prize:) I’ll post the story soon!

There is one recipe left! Do take it if you are interested:)

The veg recipes will be judged by Parul from and the non-veg recipes by Sandhya from
If you haven’t checked out their blogs yet, then click on the website name to get the link. I really admire both their blogs☺ Add these links to your posts so that they get notified ☺ Click on the blue thumbnail to view and add your links! It’ll be open frm 25th to 2nd☺
The participants:
1.Palak paneer-
2. Dal Makhani-
3. Butter Chicken –
4. Murgh do pyaaza – www
5. Rajasthani Laal Maas and Kofta Curry –
6. Shahi Paneer and Gatta curry-
7. Bengali Doi Maach and Kosha Mangsho-
8. Kadai Paneer-
9. Paneer Tikka Masala – alongthegrapevine
10. Chicken Tikka Masala – Linda
11. Methi Chicken –
12. Sali Murgh and Khatta
13. Malvani Chicken Curry and Murgh Rezala –
14. Kholapuri chicken curry –

What is remaining
Hilsa fish curry

68 thoughts on “North Indian Curry Challenge-March

  1. Pingback: Palak Paneer
  2. Wow!! Congratulations on the short story Lina! What exciting news–I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been off and on with blogging and visiting quite a bit as well. I’m hoping to catch up in a few weeks, but for now I’ll at least be sure to post my challenge submission in time!
    Ah, and I’ll have to take a look at the April challenges and see what they are! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on winning the short story competition! I would love to read it.
    Do let me know the details for judging the recipes. I have a Indfused FB page too , if you want to send me a message.
    Thanks! All the entries look so amazing- it is going to be a tough job:)

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    1. Top two out of the recipes up in the link up..and just a tiny note on why you felt they were deserving. You mail be the results when ever it is possible


      1. Lina, I know you had mentioned the criteria for judging in one of your posts. I could not find it. Could you please send it to me?

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  4. Hey there… I made the khatta meat just now, but don’t have time to put the photos in, or proofread, until after work this evening. (It will still be the 5th, here.) I’ll definitely have to check out your khatta meat recipe sometime!

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  5. Lina, I am so eager to go through all the yummy recipes. Please let me know your criteria for judging. thanks so much. My e-mail is sandhya_nadkarni@ or you can message me on my Indfused FB page. thanks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sandhya I am super sorry to ask this…Parul isn’t responding so could you also judge that…There are around 5 recipes…if you cannot I wouldn’t mind


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