Creative Ingredient Challenge

So here are the judges, Antonia and Zeba! Do say hi to them!!!

1. A creative recipe using the ingredient.
2. Has to be original
3. Most importantly it must impress your best friend tasting it or reading your post
4. The post must contain a tiny sweet memory with your bestie
5. Have loads of fun!
6. Comment to know your ingredient!

And here are the lovely participants! There is still time to add in your name..just comment below for that! The linkup will be open from 10th to the 16th!


The pic of veggies used in the above collage was from Google Images 😊

Participants till now!
1. Natascha– Aubergine
2. Elaine– Broccoli and Cauliflower
3. goatsandgreens– Potato
4. Laurie – Okra
5. Bhavna– Peas
6. Piebird – Beetroot
7. Madraasi– Yellow Pumpkin

20 thoughts on “Creative Ingredient Challenge

    1. I’ll give you the ingredient actually..the next one is bottle gourd…just check the previous post fr is called The Creative Ingredient Challenge


    1. Actually there is a list and I give the ingredients in accordance with who comments’ll be getting yellow pumpkin! Is it fine or do you want to change

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  1. Hi Lin, appreciate your “like” and “follow” at Cook and Farmer! This looks like a sweet little group, and I see that Natascha’s here too. I visited everyone’s About page (what an eclectic group, and I love some of the “exotic” cuisine influences I found). I’d like to join your creative ingredient challenge if I may. I like to use ingredients from local farms, and here in Colorado it’s still wavering between winter and spring. So we have storage crops (some winter squash, roots, onions) and a few early spring greens, chives and garlic chives if something in that realm is possible. Thanks! and how did you find me?

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    1. Your ingredient will be that fine with you? I can change in case it is not available! I found you through the comment section over at Natascha’s post😊 your blog’s name is pretty attractive

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      1. Oh, sorry. I typed your name wrong. Yes, beets or beetroot is perfect! I have some waiting for some inspiration in my vegetable crisper as we speak. Thanks for the feedback! The black and white picture that is the header for my blog was my grandparents’ farm prior to WWII in Lancaster, CA. Unfortunately, the land went back to the U.S. gov’t when he returned to Japan before the war (he was not a U.S. citizen, although all of his children were, being born in the U.S.)

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      2. That s looks well maintained…Sorry about the farm though..I’ll add you to the list in a while 😊


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