The Pizza Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good old warm pizza any time of the day? I am a pizza lover! I make pizza, buy pizza and live on pizza..XD…I love wheat crust pizzas with extra cheese and back olives! So what are your favourites?

I was just checking different forms of pizza online and I came across this post on wiki! click here to see it. This lists out different adaptations of pizzas from around the world. I thought we must all try these other forms and get to know how they taste..What do you all say? I made a list. As usual you all have to choose by commenting and I’ll strike it. This will be happening on the 10th of May! Hope it’s enough!

  1. India- Tandoori chicken and paneer rule the pizzas here !
  2. Japan- Tabasco sauce & Nori is a compulsory addition!
  3. Korea– bulgogi, dak galbi, crab and shrimps!
  4. Scotland- deep fried pizza is the speciality
  5. UK-sweetcorn, tuna, and pineapple.
  6. Mexico–  The usual toppings that can be found throughout Mexico are chorzio, jalapeno pepper slices, chile, shrimp, avocado.This pizza has the usual marinara sauce or white sauce.
  7. Canada–  Poutine pizza is one variety that can be found sporadically across the country.
  8. Australia- “Wood-fired pizzas”, that is, those cooked in a ceramic oven heated by wood fuel, are well-regarded.
  9. Brazil– Chocolate pizza is a very famous dessert.
  10. Colombia– “Hawaiian pizza” is popular in Columbia. The pizza is topped with ham and pineapple.
  11. Israel- corn or labane, and middle-Eastern spices, such as za’atar.
  12. Chicago– deep dish pizza is a show stopper!




40 thoughts on “The Pizza Challenge

  1. I suppose it makes sense that every country should have its own favourite toppings – and also bases. Here in the UK the ‘thin and crispy base’ is popular, but deep dish pizza and thicker bases – which I like – sell a lot, too. I love ham and pineapple as a topping, but also love a Mozzarella pizza. There are some interesting toppings in the list, Lina, but I can’t say I’ve heard of deep fried pizza!

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    1. It’s apparently famous in Scotland..I had also Googled and found some interesting recipes….There are so many yumm things we aren’t aware of!


  2. Lina, I love pineapple based pizza 🙂 Somehow I am not a huge fan of paneer pizza 😀 Do you mind if I pick either UK or Mexican but turn it into a veggie version by omitting the meat? If so, give me Mexican – I would be happy 🙂

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      1. Yeah I did 😀 But then, not a big fan of adding chocolate to savory dishes… I am interested to check out who is going to pick it up and how it turns out 🙂

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      2. Haha! Me neither actually! I love chocolate but can’t imagine it on pizza! I’ll just wait fr someone to try it. Read the review and perhaps then give it a shot

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  3. Ahahaha nice! I just came back from 7 months in Japan and I’m Italian, so f course I tried pizza there!! The most common topping there is NORI! IN EVERY FLAVOR!! Like… mexican style pizza with chili, corn and nori. Tuna pizza with nori. Hawaiian… with nori!!

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  4. Hi Lina, hope you’re doing great 🙂 this post is interesting but I’m one among those rare ones who are not fond of pizza but my whole family is crazy about it. So I keep ordering pizza 😀

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