Guys I’m so sorry for not being regular these…a lot of work has come up and I’m taking a tiny break for 2 weeks….Please don’t forget my blog…the challenges will happen! May last week we shall have the pizza challenge!

20 thoughts on “SORRY!

  1. Hi Lina, this is how I have been lately! I work at a car parts warehouse and they get lots of orders from stores, so we prepare bins to send to the stores with lots and lots of products! I filled 120,000 products last month, just by myself, pushing 6 bins at a time! yikes, I get behind on blogging but use my weekend time and then, sometimes never feel like I am relaxing. . . hugs to you, Lina!

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    1. That must be just waiting for my sem holidays so that I can start blogging happily again! I joined the production club in college so every Sunday there is some or the other shoot


  2. Lina everyone is busy I have 5 young children, run a 6,000 sq. ft beachfront home, have a one acre garden, tend herbs, citrus (lemons and limes), cook, bake, run now 9 web sites. You just make the time and it’ll eventually all get done. I call it time management they taught us in College!!! Hang in…Cheryl xx

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  3. Hi, Lina. Don’t pressure yourself a lot. I can relate and I am sure that others, too. 🙂 I have been very bad in time management for months now. I was not as good as before and I hate it. But sometimes, you just have to deal with the fact that no matter what you want/need to do, you have to listen to your body when it get’s tired or if can’t do everything. I haven’t posted anything for my ‘Meet new bloggers’ series for more than a month. Though I have already collected some bloggers, I still can’t put my hands on making a draft for it. Take care of yourself, Lina. xx

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    1. Hey Jhuls! It’s been soooooooo long! I am sorry I didn’t read this comment earlier…I’ll check the mail right away! You are one of the kindest and the most supportive fellow blogger ever!


  4. This is exactly what I think to myself for being irregular on blogging. But have realized that worrying about it doesn’t help. We put in our efforts whenever we find little bit of time and its true with everyone. So whenever and whatever efforts, its all worth it! Take your break and enjoy it. We all are here. And would love to join the pizza challenge! 🙂 lots of love!


  5. Great blog Lina! Totally take some time off when needed, everyone totally gets it. Even ‘new’ fans like myself! I would love to join in the pizza challenge, what do I do?

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    1. Hey! Just scroll down my posts…u will find a pizza challenge post…I would have listed 12 to 13 types…choose one my commenting on the post…😊


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