Rare Recipe Challenge/ Part 2

I am pretty sure many of you all would have forgotten me…It’s been very long since I hosted a challenge! Idk if a lot of people will be volunteering for this challenge too since I have been away for a while! But I had started this challenge routine last year almost about the same time and have hosted many ever since…


Include this in you final post please! The judges will be soon announced!

So go ahead and mark your recipe by commenting below. Here is the list for you:) All the recipes might not be rare to you if you are from that part of the world! So do choose something you don’t seem familiar with or have been wanting to try for long but never got a chance. BTW I have included only desserts and what’s a better way to start a new year with.

The submission will be in the second week of January. Hope that’s enough!! It will be open for a week!

  • Rasmalai(INDIA)
  • Oliebollen (HOLLAND)
  • Basbousa (EGYPT)
  • Po’e (Tahiti)
  • Brigadeiro (BRAZIL)
  • Castella (JAPAN)
  • Milk tart (SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Baklava (TURKEY)
  • Suspiro de limeΓ±a (PERU)
  • Nanaimo bars (CANADA)
  • Eccles cakes (BRITAIN)

I got these names from firstwefeast.com… History about most of these desserts have been mentioned there.

Thank you!! Go ahead and choose your recipe! First come first served(xD)!!


28 thoughts on “Rare Recipe Challenge/ Part 2

  1. hey so good to hear from you πŸ™‚ I am sure you have been missed here. I have not written my blog for months now. Times have been busy and hectic with my new job. was looking through your list and saw basbousa. Is it ok that I post on BAsbousa. I have already written about it ?

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  2. You most certainly were missed Lina.. 😊 Coming to this challenge, I would like to try Baklava, not sure how difficult it is to make at home but want to give it a shot.

    Btw, when is this due?

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