Rare Recipe Challenge #2/ LINK UP

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing???…I have been doing great and guess what? I just started a new youtube channel!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!

So this morning I woke up and randomly decided to shoot a video! I took out my selfie stick and my phone and proceeded! I had 14 mins of footage….edited it on Windows Live Movie Maker and in no time I uploaded it…It was so absolutely unplanned!XDXD..

Here’s the link! My channel is called LittleBites…Please like, share & subscribe..Send me some suggestions of what I could do in the future and so on! Let me know if you want me to feature one of your recipes too!!!

I am on vacation so I am planning to shoot one video per day so that I’ve enough to upload after college starts!!!

So coming back to our challenge!


Click on the blue thumbnail to link in your recipes!!!

Some intructions:

Please add in a link of this post so that I get notified!!!!

And submit your links before 21st of Jan according to Indian time!


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