Results for the North Indian Curry Challenge

The judges for this challenge were Parul from , who judged the veg curries, and Sandhya from, who judged the non-veg curries!

Here are the results for veg curries!

 All the recipies are equally good . It is difficult to choose two out of them. With a minor margin my vote goes to Dal Makhani and Gutta Curry. 
CHcooks from Click link for recipe.
“Cooking from my heart” has taken the recipe of Dal Makhani from “veg recipes of India”.It indicates that she has prepared it first time. She is basically south Indian and dared to try North Indian dish and I will say kudos to her brave attempt. It has come out to be very nice.
The picture of Dal Makhani is very mouthwatering and it looks like it is made by a professional cook. 
Elaine from
Click here for recipe.
Gatta Curry is prepared by “Food Bod”.It is also looking very delicious and recipe is well defined.
Here is the results for Non-veg curries:
 Thank you so much for giving me the wonderful opportunity to judge this challenge.
All the Non- Veg recipes are simply outstanding. I particularly was impressed by people who went outside their comfort zone to try a new cuisine.
My top two choices are:
 Malvani chicken by Trupti @My Culinary Saga- Click here for recipe
 Laal Maas by Freda @Aromatic Essence- Click here for recipe
I have already commented on their site.
I have marked your Kolhapuri chicken curry. Click here for the recipe. I loved it and am going to make it soon.
Thanks again,
So that was the results! Thanks Parul and Sandhya for taking your time out to judge this challenge.

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