Results for the Surprise Challenge

I realised I haven’t posted the results of many of my challenges. It has been very unprofessional of me. I’ll make sure it never happens again and I really want to start my regular blogging again:) Sorry!!

Jhuls from was the judge! She is an extraordinary cook!! Visit her blog and do follow!!!

Here are her results!

Here are my features. J
Bagara baingan (Eggplant curry) by Freda @ Aromatic Essence
I’ve been craving for a good eggplants dish and this shows up! My cravings got even more stronger that I was almost close to licking my computer screen. The dish looked really mouth-watering and all I can do for the time being is just to stare and imagine how good it must be. I guess I need to get to complete the ingredients and make my own version. 😉
Cantaloupe Pie by Daniela @ My Gorgeous Recipes
Click here.
I love anything melon, most especially watermelon and cantaloupe. I have enjoyed my fair share of melon milkshakes and oh my, it’s so good. I’ve never tried or seen (maybe) any cantaloupe recipes other than milkshakes and I was impressed by Daniela’s pie. It was very pretty and I just wanted to grab a slice from the screen. 😀
Vegetarian Khao Suey by Antonia @ Zoale
I have a weakness for a vegetable dish that has coconut milk in it. Though I love such recipes, I don’t have much to try. I am glad that Anotnia joined Lina’s challenge and found this delicious Vegetarian Khao Suey. I must say that this soup is really good as you can make it non-vegetarian, too. The ingredients are not that complicated and it is very easy to do.
Good job to all and I am happy that you had fun participating at Lina’s Surprise Challenge.
Lots of love,
So sorry for the delay once again!!!

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