The 5 Ingredient Challenge | February

I assume everyone at some point would have been left with not much fancy ingredients to put up a good dish. So, keeping that in mind I got this idea for the challenge for Feb!

So here’s how this works:

  • There will options from 1 to 12
  • Each option will have 5 ingredients which are very commonly available everywhere
  • But you won’t know these ingredients unless you choose a number!
  • It’s due by the 3rd week of Feb! 



  • Include the above picture in your final post
  • Even salt, sugar, pepper and other such ingredient will be considered as one of the ingredient
  • Water will be the only other ingredient you can use that won’t be mentioned in your choice
  • Sweet or Savory will be based on luck!!!

Here is the list!!!

  1. Rice, sugar, coconut milk, any fruit & nutmeg.
  2. Potatoes,  salt, butter, pepper & mushrooms 
  3. Any berry, lemon, sugar, butter & flour.

Go ahead and choose a number:)

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