The 5 Ingredient Challenge | February

I assume everyone at some point would have been left with not much fancy ingredients to put up a good dish. So, keeping that in mind I got this idea for the challenge for Feb!

Jhuls from is going to be judging this challenge!

So here’s how this works:

  • There will options from 1 to 12
  • Each option will have 5 ingredients which are very commonly available everywhere
  • But you won’t know these ingredients unless you choose a number!
  • It’s due on the 28th of Feb! Link up will be open for a week.



  • Include the above picture in your final post
  • Even salt, sugar, pepper and other such ingredient will be considered as one of the ingredient
  • Water will be the only other ingredient you can use that won’t be mentioned in your choice
  • Sweet or Savory will be based on luck!!!

Here is the list!!!

  1. Peanut butter, egg, flour, sugar, baking powder.
  2. Rice, sugar, coconut milk, any fruit & nutmeg.-Trupti
  3. Chicken wings, honey, butter, salt, garlic.
  4. Potatoes,  salt, butter, pepper & mushrooms –thegirlnextdoor
  5. Any berry, lemon, sugar, butter & flour.-CHcooks


Go ahead and choose a number:) Really hope to see more participants this time like my challenges used to get. After the break I feel my challenges aren’t getting so many participants like it used to.

46 thoughts on “ The 5 Ingredient Challenge | February

      1. It will be a linking in party right? I didn’t exactly understand..I should make something with the topic u provide on 1st of every month and when should I submit that?

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  1. Lina, this will is just to promote your blog via my blog and nothing more, just a win win for all.
    Respond on the following link, it you wish to participate here:

    The one you mentioned would be the Share and Inspire Others! Monthly Recipe Exchange and we have a new theme every month. On the 1st of each month the theme will be announced. Have a look @ for the full explanation.

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  2. Hi Lin.
    Done and dusted. Just want to know if I should just post to my own blog and link back to this original post and if that will be acceptable and correct as per your rules. Please let me know before I post this on my own blog. Thanks in advance. I ❤ this and although saying so myself it turned out yummy. My husband said it's better than anything he had before, so I would love to share this with you all. I await your response before doing so. Thanks again for this opportunity.

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    1. On 28th the link up will be open. I use inlinkz. You can post it on your blog now or then. But just link it in. There will a blue thumbnail with the details ☺


    1. No problem Jhuls…for March I would like to have a sandwich going to be giving away 2 kindle Cook books for the top 2 recipes..i would really like you to be the judge


      1. Wow! I am truly honored, Lina. Yes, of course – I would love to be the judge for the March challenge. I am so excited – both for judging and for the sandwiches. 😛 Looking forward to your ‘revelation’ about the March challenge. 😀 Thanks again, Lina. x

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