The Pies, Tarts & Flans Challenge | April

Hey guys! Last month only two people wanted to participate so I had to call off this challenge…I am really hoping to see more people this time. Comment down below to participate ☺☺.

Jhuls from will be judging this challenge. Do check out her amazing blog if you haven’t yet!

I guess all of you are wondering where is the list by now…well there will be no list this have to submit any pie, tart or flan recipe.


  • You can make any pie, tart or flan. 
  • The link up will be open from April 25th till the 30th.
  • Include the challenge pic in your post.
  • If you want to participate please comment down below saying “I’m in” or something like that and I will add you to the participants’ list.
  • You can submit an older recipe post also. But just repost it😊
  • Include a link of any one of my post and Jhuls’ so that we get notified.


  1. Sandhya
  2. Daniela
  3. Petra

7 thoughts on “The Pies, Tarts & Flans Challenge | April

  1. Ohh, if it’s not too late, I would love to participate as well Lina! I have some tarts in my drafts and it would be good to get something posted as I haven’t managed to make myself post anything for a while 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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