10 Simple Steps to Become Pretty and Get the Man of Your Dreams.


Have a date coming up and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry I am here to help! You could just follow the step headings or read the body for more insight and still get maximum effect either ways. Unlike beauty tutorials that take about three hours of practice and 2 hours of application, this tutorial works miracles by the end of the last line. Time of course depends on your reading speed. Without further ado, let us begin.

Step 1: Take a damp cloth and wipe off any last bit of makeup. Preferably a warm one.
A warm one specifically because all of us need some more warmth in our hearts. Annoyingly we do spend a lot of time grooming ourselves and fail to look around us. So much good around us and yet we have just enough time to absorb only the hate and darkness from the world. So let’s take time to observe the beauty of this world before we start paying attention to our beauty.

Step 2: Take out a mirror and admire yourself. Preferably a full mirror.
Accept yourself at the first glance. As much as you feel there is something or the other wrong with your face or body, you are pretty. You don’t need any damn loser’s comment or a bunch of idiotic likes to prove that. Your reflection is the truth. Accept and love the beautiful truth.

Step 3: Make yourself your favourite dish or order it! And of course, eat it peacefully!
Nothing is going to happen because of a tiny slice of chocolate cake. You need that especially cause for a fact chocolate calms our nerves before a big date!

Step 4: Open YouTube-> Search for your favourite workout-> and do it!(10-15 min will do!)
No one can argue with this step! As much as the world says be yourself, don’t give a shit! And all that crap. Sorry to break it to you, you must be healthy!!! Being yourself doesn’t mean being lazy. There is nothing that cardio or power yoga can’t burn. Just like every math prob has a solution, this has too! We are just lazy as hell!

Step 5: Take a shower!
Wash away your insecurities once and for all! You can’t hide them behind your makeup or clothes or social media!

Step 6: Pick out a dress you like, that is comfortable and not what you think suits you.
Wear it with confidence because people will pass nonsense comments on anything and everything! Someone told me once that a colour isn’t going to suit me. Like I care! Love what you wear and don’t be bothered by any sort of feedback.

Step 7: Check if you have a pimple!
Now, this step is mandatory, K? And if you have one, congratulations!! You are good to go! I have heard that few girls cancel dates because of this natural phenomenon. But you know what? It is their loss! I think a pimple is a lucky charm for your date😊

Step 8: Run a Like Test! Very, very mandatory!
Yes, run a like test on yourself! On a scale of 1 to 10, if you aren’t getting a 10, sorry you should cancel the date! If you don’t love yourself then no one can love you.

Step 9: Run a jerk test! Mandatory again!
Run this test on your date. If he has genuinely appreciated you for your talents, likes and character and not just your looks in the past, then go on the date!! Else, you know what, he is a jerk!

Step 10: Be truthful.
The last and most important step out of everything. A little story to elaborate this step. There was once a girl called Lie. She went on a perfect date with her perfect somebody. And she stayed true to her name. A few years later she married and lived her whole life like her name. Moral: Don’t be like her name!

This post is not to shame those people who wear makeup or don’t eat junk or don’t exercise or anything like that! We must be ourselves all the time. But if there is no logic to some of our activities there is nothing wrong in changing them. I had a fall a year back, a minor knee injury. I gained about 5kgs and just got lazy after that. I really had to work on myself after that (lost 4kgs) and I got a bit lazy again. But I am still trying, and I am sure all goals are attainable!! So I shared this just cause I wanted to say that this post was written by someone who has been there and done that! And I do use eyeliner and lip gloss and I love it! Most days I avoid it though(cause I get lazy). I just wanted to say that makeup is not necessary for us to like ourselves . I think of it as more of an art and embrace it with that in mind!
I will soon post a 10 step guide for guys to get the girl of their dreams. Stay tuned(jk)😊

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