I used to blog a ton while I was in my 1 st year at college. But it got tough after that. I got lazy and there were ton of internals and externals. Then I had to work on my resume. Finally, I graduated and got a job. I wanted to jump straight back into blogging, youtube and Instagram. But it never happened. It was always put off for the next day and a year ran by just like that! Talk about procastination…😂..With the lockdown going on, I have finally started.

Instagram : @cookingwithlinsy

YouTube : Cooking With Linsy

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  1. Hi Lin this may be an over-sight on my part?! I would like to invite you to check out a fairly new site I started for Food Bloggers and I would love to add your blog! Its an easy concept linking directly to your site. When you have a minute check out https://wegrazetogether.wordpress.com or you can thread through my main site https:clwiser.wordpress.com to the “Participating Food Blogs” Post! You may see some friends already listed on We Graze Together! Happy New Year! Cheryl.

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  2. Hello Lin! I have nominated you for the Three Day Quote Challenge. Please do not feel obligated to participate. If you are interested the information is on my homepage 🙂 Have a happy day!

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  3. Hi Lina, I just had to pop over and say hi, and lovely to meet you. A big thank you too for the ‘like’ and for following my blog, Lynne’s Recipe Trails . I look forward to visiting your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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    1. Right now…if you want to take part in this month’s challenge then there is only one recipe left…..for April’s challenge, there is quite a lot left because I posted that quite recently..If you go through my posts..you can find the rules and the lists for this month and the next..if you need more info, I’ll send u the links

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    1. Sure! If you go to the menu you can see the Creative Ingredient Challenge and Surprise Challenge…..would you mind checking that…the rules and stuff are up☺


  4. Lina– fun to see the ideas you come up with!! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?? We have a daughter-in-law from Hunan and a son-in-law from Hong Kong– so its’ big in our family!! I’ll be reading ahead…

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    1. Only this year I planning to celebrate…I’m hosting a Chinese New year challenge…In India not many people celebrate it! Happy Chinese year to you😊


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