The Recipe Challenge Contest /Week 3

Omg finally! so sorry for the delay guys..hope it never happens again..this link up will be open only until saturday…

It has been a great week in Bangalore..Hope everyone is doing great too…College is getting better by the day with newer friends..Still trying to find my place though..XD…Few weeks back i actually got into the college’s theatre club, it’s called Raag@bhinaya. There were more that 60 people auditioning and only 11 were selected..It was a wonder I made it in..also they have another wing to it for productions..As of now it’s known as the anjane motion pictures…I gave a try at script writing..and guess what i got in!!! Please do check out their awesome youtube channel..don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and share the videos..they make short films in english as well as hindi :)..Click here for the try it..i can promise you’ll, you’ll won’t regret..:)

So moving on to the winner of last week’s contest, it’s Frances from…her recipe was simple and yet so flavourful..that is what caught my eye..her creativity of producing something with an amazing flavour in a simple form surely called for a here for her recipe link:)…That’s a pic from her blog..

The ingredient for next week as chosen by Frances is Mushrooms..
Hope everyone knows this week’s ingredient is chickpeas chosen by our last week’s winner, Freda..

Have a lovely week..
With warm regards

38 thoughts on “The Recipe Challenge Contest /Week 3

  1. I love this! Although I seldome have gravy or Irish potatoes these days, MY VERY FAVORITE MEAL OF ALL TIME is Mashed Potatoes hollowed in center, filled, well overflowing … with English peas, gravy & meatloaf or Salisbury steak, or even fried chicken, seldom eat fried anything anymore. Love it!

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