Rare Recipe Challenge #1


Add this pic if you’ll can!

Finally the day has arrived! I am so excited to see what you’ll have in store for us! I’m pretty sure everyone would have done a wonderful job..Can’t wait!!!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is done with their recipes and had a lovely time discovering it…I had an awesome time needless to say..

Jhuls from thenotsocreativecook.wordpress.com is the judge for this challenge. Go over and say Hi to her if you haven’t visited her blog before. She is an amazing cook. Desserts to soups to everything else. Beautifully done and beautifully explained!

Moving on to the the instructions..There is nothing much actually…Just click on the blue thumbnail to view the other recipes and also to add your recipe to the list. This linking tool can be used by only those who are participating in the challenge. Last but not the least please do add a link of this post to your recipe post saying, “I am taking this to the rare recipe challenge” or something like that, and also add the link of any one of our judge’s post or the link I have added. The motive of this is that we will be notified easily.

Hope you have loads and loads of fun visiting other blogs and being visited…

This is the list of who is doing what!

1. Lina(that’s me) from lins239.wordpress.com – Chicken Fricassee
2. Ronit Penso from ronitpenso.wordpress.com– Moussaka
3. Jean from whitehousereddoor.com – Shish Taouk
4. Daniela from www.mygorgeousrecipes.com– Abodo
5. Freda from aromaticessence.co – Galouti Kebab
6 . Kathryn from anotherfoodieblogger.wordpress.com– coq au vin
7. CHCooks from cookingfrommyheart.wordpress.com – Lymmonyk
8. goatsandgreens.wordpress.com – Camaron Rebosado
9. Natascha from nataschapalace.wordpress.com– Rogan josh
10. Lili from lilicakes.com. com– char siu bao
11. SKD from aromasandflavours.com – Haleem
12. Vidhya from www.vidhyashomecooking.com – Pasanday

13 responses to “Rare Recipe Challenge #1”

  1. […] am taking this to the Rare Recipe Challenge . Jhuls from thenotsocreativecook.wordpress.com […]


  2. YaY! I’ll post mine tomorrow, getting ready to watch a Netflix movie. 😀

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    1. Awesome…see you there tomorrow! Can’t wait

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  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lina. 🙂 I am really thrilled to be your first judge. x

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  4. […] off to the Rare Recipe Challenge and bringing my Shish Taouk. Thank you to Lina for creating this fun challenge, and thank you to […]

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  5. […] on over to the Rare Recipe Challenge to see what others have made!  The cooks have a week to add their entry, so check back often to […]

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  6. […] recipe is very unique for it’s a rare recipe, as chosen by Lina. When the rare recipe challenge was announced on her blog, I was very excited to take part. Except for a few names, everything else […]


  7. […] on Rare Recipe Challenge #1 for recipes the others of us have […]

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  8. […]  Lin@Lin’s Recipes  threw a Rare Recipe Challenge and wanted someone to take up haleem, I couldn’t let it pass by. Because Hyderabad is my […]


  9. […] I started to follow Lina’s blog, this was the first post that I read via WP app was this rare recipe challenge. It was interesting and I saw only one was left out. I googled that recipe and found it’s a […]

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  10. […] let’s talk fluffy steamed buns filled with yummy Chinese barbecue pork.  These were made for Lin’s rare recipe challenge and I’m so glad I gave them a go.  You can just do the char siu, roasted barbecue pork.  […]

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  11. […] their comfort zones. She also made me realize that there are far more unknown recipes through her Rare Recipe Challenge. The challenges she come up with not only sticks to one ‘category’, but various ideas. […]


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