Results for the Cake Challenge

As judged by Suzanne from !

1. Natasha’s Palace – Natasha actually made 3 different cakes, it’s amazing and I have to acknowledge her enthusiasm and how hard she worked.

2. Freda’s Kugelhopf is not only beautiful but looks absolutely perfect, exactly as a good kugelhopf should look. Her Casata cake was also incredible

3. Trupti from – Bolo de Mel , Buccellato- A beautiful and incrediblely intricate and difficult cake. Kudo’s to Trupti

4. Antonia – Zoale Pan de Spagna I love this cake I am a sucker for a simple and elegant cake like this, it is just gorgeous.


As judged by Jhuls from

Ruske Kape (Russian Hats) by Rebecca

I have never heard this kind of cake before and when I read the title “Russian Hats”, I didn’t know it really would be close to the hats. I am impressed with Rebecca’s determination to proceed with the recipe depsite of the confusion that she had. The little cakes look so beautifully done and they are perfectly fit for my afternoon tea. 🙂


Buccellato by Trupti

I’ve always loved Trupti’s creativity and patience in making beautiful dishes. This Buccellato was beautifully made – the crust, the filling and the lovely design. I bet it tasted delicious with all those wonderful ingredients.


Kremowka by Forest Wood Folk Art

I have a strong weakness when it comes to puff pastry and cream. This just looks so mouth-watering and enticing. If I am the one who made this, I don’t think I’d be able to reach the point of assembling the cake. Both the cream and the puff pastry are too good that I would’ve taken some of the puff pastry and polish off the cream from the container. Oh so so good!


Have a good day!

x Jhuls

38 thoughts on “Results for the Cake Challenge

  1. Ohhh!! Thank you so so much! I am so happy! Honestly, I should thank Lina for posting the challenges because they are a way of learning new things and meeting new people. And thank you to the lovely ladies who took the time to look at our recipes. I was just showing my husband the photos of the other winners´cakes and he was so impressed! He ogled them and said how gorgeous they all looked! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. Wow, thank you so much! You have made me so happy 😀 The challenge was so much fun and I loved learning how to make a new cake! Thank you so much Lina for the great idea and hosting, and to Jhuls and Suzanne for judging. All of the cakes were impressive! Congratulations to all of the winners!

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  3. Congratulations to the winners! I loved all of the choices–and Natascha’s three cakes definitely impressed me as well! This challenge was such fun. I feel like I got to try so many different cakes through the other participants (though I also feel sad I didn’t get to actually try them–I have to make them myself now, haha 🙂 ) Thank you Lina for being such a sweet host, and thanks to Suzanne and Jhuls for their time judging! 🙂

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  4. Hi, Lina! Congratulations on another successful challenge that you made. And congrats to the winner, too. I hope everything is fine with you. Sending you lots of love. x Jhuls

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