Yoga for the Hip Joint & Knee

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Cucumber Lettuce Salad flavoured with mustard

Hey guys…It’s been so long since I made a post..hope everyone is doing great…This is my most favourite salad and couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys…It takes just about 5 mins to put together!!! Love it so sooo much♥️♥️


For the dressing:

  1. Olive oil- 1 1/2 tbsp
  2. Juice of half of a lime
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Freshly pound pepper
  5. 1/2 a tsp of mustard powder
  • 100g of Iceberg Lettuce- cut roughly
  • 1 English cucumber- diced


  • Mix in all the ingredients for the dressing. 
  • Stir until it emulsifies 
  • Toss in the veggies and you are good to go!

Story of a Woman

When I was 5, I loved playing with my kitchen set and Barbies. They told me, “Stop being so girly!”

When I was 10, I was captain of the hockey team. They told me, “Stop being a tomboy!”

When I was 14, I aced my math test. They told me, “Of course you did well, the nerd you are!”

When I was 16, I loved myself for who I was. They told me, “You are such a plain Jane.”

When I was 18, I started wearing makeup to look older. They told me, “Stop being a wannabe!”

When I was 24, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to split the bill. They told me, “You are a feminist.”

When I was 26, my husband gifted me a car. They told me, “You are an expensive wife.”

When I was 28, I became the Vice President at work and a mother. They said, “She is a workaholic mom!”

When I was 32, I quit my job to spend some time with my kids. They asked me, “Why do you want to be a housewife?”

Now that I am 35 and have my own start-up, I tell my girls, “The world will call you all they want, but always remember you are and will always be a woman and nothing else. So don’t change yourself for anyone…”

Author’s note: If you could relate comment down below! I randomly got this idea while I was studying for my exams..So decided to type it out before I forget it. I am writing something after a really long time! 

I started a new YouTube channel!!

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