The 5 Ingredient Challenge | February

I assume everyone at some point would have been left with not much fancy ingredients to put up a good dish. So, keeping that in mind I got this idea for the challenge for Feb!

Jhuls from is going to be judging this challenge!

So here’s how this works:

  • There will options from 1 to 12
  • Each option will have 5 ingredients which are very commonly available everywhere
  • But you won’t know these ingredients unless you choose a number!
  • It’s due on the 28th of Feb! Link up will be open for a week.



  • Include the above picture in your final post
  • Even salt, sugar, pepper and other such ingredient will be considered as one of the ingredient
  • Water will be the only other ingredient you can use that won’t be mentioned in your choice
  • Sweet or Savory will be based on luck!!!

Here is the list!!!

  1. Peanut butter, egg, flour, sugar, baking powder.
  2. Rice, sugar, coconut milk, any fruit & nutmeg.-Trupti
  3. Chicken wings, honey, butter, salt, garlic.
  4. Potatoes,  salt, butter, pepper & mushrooms –thegirlnextdoor
  5. Any berry, lemon, sugar, butter & flour.-CHcooks


Go ahead and choose a number:) Really hope to see more participants this time like my challenges used to get. After the break I feel my challenges aren’t getting so many participants like it used to.

Whole Wheat Sesame Cookies for Chinese New Year



I can’t believe I made my cookies last week and I just got time to make a post! I don’t even know where the time flies. That’s the thing about college. You totally lose track of the date, the day and few times even the month. The first 2 weeks generally are the best in getting the worst out of you…xD..And I don’t even want to get started about all the home-works and this extra hour that got added for this sem, class tests!!! Exhausting…But that’s where friends come in, sailing on the same boat as you. Maybe I will miss this exhausting first weeks of college and all this ranting when I look back few years down the lane..XD…who knows? So might as well enjoy it while I get to:)

So here’s my post for Chinese New Year, submitted super late! Zeba from is the judge for this challenge. I totally forgot to announce that! I am sorry. Thanks to all the people who participated.


My recipe was inspired from I have been dying to try whole wheat cookies for a while and I used the opportunity! Perfect with a cup of tea…So here’s my super easy version of the traditional sesame cookies made during Chinese New Year. The original recipe used normal flour.


  1. Almonds-30
  2. Wheat flour- 1 cup
  3. Butter(cold)- 100g
  4. Sugar- 1/2 cup
  5. Black Sesame seeds-1/4 cup
  6. 1 egg-small


  • Dry roast the sesame seeds on low flame. Make sure you don’t burn them. You can figure out it’s done from the aroma you get. It took me about 4 mins or so.


  • In a food processor add the almonds and grind them.DSC05251.JPG
  • To this add the flour, butter, sugar and sesame seeds.
  • Grind it again. For about 3-4 mins.


  • Add the egg. Pulse it for a few more mins.
  • Rub your palms through the mixture and knead it. Make a ball and separate into halves.
  • Take one half and wrap it up using a food wrap. Roll it out into a sausage of about 1 cm radius. Repeat the same with the other.
  • Refrigerate this for at least 2 hrs. Then cut them into tiny slices. Bake them in a preheated oven at 150 deg Celsius for 10 mins. If you want to make crisps them not for more that 4 min. They harden once they cool down.


Final look!


The Chinese New year Link Up

Hey guys! I had to make this post yesterday, but college just started on Wednesday so I was having a hard time to get back to schedule. Now everything is fine. I baked my sesame cookies today. They were pretty good! I have to make a post though. Planning to make it by Wednesday..So how has your week been?


There still many recipes left. If you want to still participate please let me know in the comment section, cause the link up is open till 18th of Feb!

The recipes left:

  1. Pork & Chive Dumplings
  2. Nian Gao
  3. Chinese Spring Rolll
  4. Chinese cabbage potsticker
  5. Sweet and Sour Ribs
  6. Chinese Fried Peanuts

The recipes taken!

Click on the blue thumbnail to view and link in your posts..

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Kadale Manoli by Freda

Ivy gourd is the most frequently used veggie at my home. My Mom literally makes it every other day. She has experimented so many recipes with it. Naturally it’s everyone’s favourite veggie at home. So when I bumped into Freda’s Kadale Manoli post without a moment’s thought I soaked some black chickpeas and went to bed. I like to soak them overnight. If you are a person who enjoys veggies, please don’t miss this recipe.


I am very glad I tried the recipe. In the beginning I was not sure about combining ivy gourd and kala chana, but then it took me by surprise. If you have never had kadale manoli like me, then you’re in for a treat. I had it with rice, rasam and curd. Loved the entire meal.



The ivy gourd took some time to cook for me, otherwise it’s not a very time consuming dish. After adding the ivy gourd you can cover the pan, simmer and leave it till it’s done, stirring occasionally.

Freda’s recipe is super detailed and very easy to follow. So there are very low possibilities that you might go wrong.

The heart of the recipe with no doubt is the masala! Very aromatic and flavourful! Follow the exact measurements of the masala mentioned by Freda to get best results. My masala didn’t turn out that red. Maybe cause I didn’t use the kashmiri variety of chillis unlike Freda.

It is a wonderful warming dish to pair up with rice! It has this beautiful coconut flavour complimented with a few more Southern spices that will soothe your palate. You can taste the coast with every bite! So if you are a fan of coconutty flavour like me, then you are reading the right recipe:) So my final verdict is- PLEASE TRY IT!!

Final look!

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I love making your recipes and writing reviews for them. So please leave your link down below if you want me to try anything!

Results for the Rare Recipe Challenge #2

Yesterday Freda from sent me the result for the Rare Recipe Challenge #2. Once again thank you Freda for being a great judge☺ Do check out her blog for some mind blowing recipes 😊 

So here we go! 

Whilst all the entries were super amazing, I’m selecting Laurie’s entry for the challenge. I loved her version of the eccles cake with orange and cardamom accompanied with the drool worthy pics! She did a great job on the adaption of the recipe!


Chinese New Year Challenge

I had made this draft last week and completely forgot about it!

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it was only wise of me to host this challenge! Just go ahead and choose a Recipe from the list by commenting below.


  • Make a post by the 11th of Feb. Link up will be open till 18th  of Feb.
  • Describe a little something about dish you chose.
  • Write something about Chinese New year!
  • Include the challenge icon


Here goes the list! I am yet to decide what I want to make!

  1. Pork & Chive Dumplings
  2. Tangyuan
  3. Nian Gao
  4. Chinese Spring Rolll
  5. Chinese cabbage potsticker
  6. Sweet and Sour Ribs
  7. Chinese Fried Peanuts
  8. Garlic snow peas stir fry
  9. Pineapple tarts
  10. Black sesame butter cookies

I got these recipes from

Go ahead and choose your recipes.

Click here for the The 5 Ingredient Challenge | February.


Healthy Spring onions and Pineapple stuffed Chicken Breasts

When I read the ingredients all I could think of was a smoothie or a salad. Then after a lot of brainstorming I decided to make stuffed chicken breasts with a twist!

I would like to thank Angie for hosting this challenge.

Also I recently added a new recipe for Stuffed potato fritters on my YouTube channel! Take a look at it and subscribe! Click here for the link😊😊.


The leafy greens I used was spring onions.


Off late I have been using  greek yogurt in a lot of recipes. It has many benefits. It’s low in both carbohydrates and sugar content. Rich in protein and calcium.

I use only homemade greek yogurt.


Let’s move on to the recipe…

For greek yogurt:

  1. Curd- 100g


  1. Transfer the curd to a strainer.
  2. Set aside for 2-3 hrs.


For the filling:

  1. Greek yougurt
  2. Salt
  3. Pepper
  4. Soy sauce- just a tsp
  5. chopped spring onions- 1/2 cup
  6. Dried Rosemary- 1/4 tsp


  1. Whisk the greek yogurt.
  2. Add rest of the ingredients. Mix well


For the chicken:

  1. 1 chicken breast- about 200-300g
  2. Salt
  3. Chopped pineapple- 1/2 cup
  4. Filling


  1. Make a clean slit through the middle but not fully, down the side of the chicken breast, such that you get two flaps.

2. Rub a little salt on all surfaces of the chicken breast.

3. Spread the filling on one of the flap.


4. Place the pineapple pieces over the filling and sprinkle some pepper.


5. Seal the filling by closing the other flap over the flap having the filling. Hold it in place using toothpicks.

6. In a pan heat some oil. And toss the chicken in. Get a good sear on both the sides. Approximately 3-4 min on high on each side.

7. Transfer the chicken onto a baking tray. Brush with oil. Remove the toothpicks. Bake in a preheated oven for 15 min on each side. Brush with necessary amount of oil while turning.

Final look!

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