Hi guys…Looks like I am back in action. Last week I had kept this post very short because I was a little confused. I actually got only 4 links in last week, but I am sure 4 will become 8, and 8 16 and so on. Through these contests I want to promote creavtive cooking. “May be 200 years is long enough for a recipe.” One of my favourite lines from the movie, Hundred Foot Journey. So guys it’s time to change traditional recipes with a twist of our own and that’s what I want to see in these challenges. Hope more and more bloggers take part in this contest in the coming weeks. Once I get more link ups, I’ll surely find some more better judges too. Do help me to promote this challenge by sharing this link.

Hope everyone knows that this week’s key ingredient is minced meat or shredded soya chunks. Please link in any recipes which are pretty old too. There is absolutely no problem. But just add a link of this post to it for me to spot it easily. One person can add more than one linkups:)

So coming to the main part of the contest…Last week’s winner is Freda
Her recipe was absolutely marvelous as always. The incorporation of shrimps in potatoes was indeed a lovely idea. I have had beef, mutton and chincken chops, but shrimps sounded different to me. Her photography was swesome as always too.


That’s a pic from her blog. And for the link of the recipe click here.

The ingredient for next week is CHICKPEAS, as selected by Freda. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday. This linkup will be open till sunday morning next week..


    1. Your link is not visible look into it..I’ve viewed your post but others will not be able to if you don’t link this up using the blue thumbnail☺


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