Short Story/Lost and Found/ Orange punch

Author’s note: I have been having this story in mind for sometime now, but never really took out the time to write it. So here I am making another post with another wide smile…

It’s been raining for quite sometime now in Bangalore, that I have forgotten when it all started. Yet I have been making a lot of cold drinks like a crack, though I am wearing sweaters, mufflers and caps all through.

Taking it to Fiesta Friday

They said the cause of death was brain haemorrhage caused by the fall, but Edith took it on herself for the loss of her sweet little Abby. If only she had checked the swing she was swinging on once before giving an approval. When the swing had given away all she had heard was a loud cry calling out for her. The world went blank when she had seen her baby lying there covered with blood. The rest went pretty fast. An ambulance came, her husband came rushing to the hospital, they spent three whole days. while their baby lay there in the ICU , praying for a miracle….

“She was only four years old…,”Edith kept repeating as Luke held her tightly towards himself all through the funeral. They never knew when it had started and how it ended.

“It is my fault…,” she kept blabbering as he tucked her into bed that night.

Luke looked down at his worn out wife as she lay asleep. She looked so different that he hardly recognised her anymore. As he got up to leave, he realised she was holding onto his hand. He knew then that he had to gather himself up and help her through this hard phase.

Six months went by, and nothing really seemed to change. She woke up every morning with an empty feeling. She missed her smell, her sweet voice, those beautiful broken words, she missed fussing over her half eaten food…..Edith’s parents never left her side. But she couldn’t stop blaming herself.

When Edith’s mother suggested Luke to take Edith to a good pschycologist, he knew he really had to do something.

A week went by. That morning as Edith woke up, something felt different, as if the void was filled with something beautiful, it was that familiar kiddish laugh she heard, she rushed to the living room only to see a tiny child around 2 years, laughing as Luke tried to tickle her. Her heart stopped. She looked at Luke, confused, burning with anger on the inside. How could he think that she would let anyone else take Abby’s place…

“What does this mean?”

“Sr. Maria called me last night about this child whose parents died in an acident. She wanted to know if we could take her in as the orphanage is really full and she didn’t know what would happen to her.”

Edith didn’t have anything to say. She was really very mad at Luke.

As her mind kept flipping with various memories of Abby, this tiny child walks up to her and pulls at the end of her nightgown, all excited, just like Abby used to do every morning for milk, after waking up. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw her innocent smile. She gently lifted her up and took her to the kitchen to pour her some warm milk.

Luke’s face finally lit up with a smile after six whole months…

A mother’s love that was lost was found that day………

Ingredients :

Punch generally using only 5 ingredients….
1. Orange pulp/ minute maid orange juice- 1/4 cup
2. 1 tbsp honey
3. 1 tsp lemon and a slice
4. Dried rosemary 1/4 tsp
5. Sprite- a little less than 3/4th cup

For the rim
Apply honey on the sides of the rim with your fingers. Then roll it in a mixture of salt and pepper.

To the glass add 3 ice cubes + all all the ingredients except the sprite. Mix well with a spoon until there is no honey that settles down. Then add the sprite and garnish with chopped mint leaves…



18 responses to “Short Story/Lost and Found/ Orange punch”

  1. The punch sounds refreshing, so nice to go with the story! Mega hugs!

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    1. Aww!!!!
      Thanks 😊

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  2. Looks great! Will try this during the Thanksgiving break!

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    1. Sure! Let me know how it turned out☺’s easy nd refreshing ☺


  3. The punch sounds Nectarous and the story melted my heart….

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    1. Thanks a lot Chitra ☺☺☺☺


  4. Wow lovely post and yummy drink Lina!

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  5. A lovely story with a lovely punch! The honey rimmed glassses with salt and pepper sounds like it adds great flavours to the punch! Thank you for bringing this to Fiesta Friday and I hope you have a great week 🙂

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    1. It was really nice…Thank you for stopping by!

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  6. Yum..this looks so awesome and lovely story!

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  7. A lovely story, Lina, and the ending is heartwarming: Edith will have a child to love again after her dreadful loss. 🙂 Your puch looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh so sweet of you to have read…Glad you stopped by☺☺☺…Thank you Millie……


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