Judge for the Rare Recipe Challenge! 

Say hi to Freda,  our judge for this challenge. She is a remarkable cook and a lovely person! Check out her blog for this amazing paneer makhani recipe without using onions and garlic! Amazing right!

Click here for the link!

Link her into your posts too! Sorry for the late announcement! 

There is one more day for submission☺☺☺

12 responses to “Judge for the Rare Recipe Challenge! ”

  1. Thank you Lina for extending it! 🙂 have posted my link.

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    1. No problem! Did you check out the roman custard I made?

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      1. I did darling 🙂
        looks so yum!

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        1. Great recipe thanks

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  2. Lina, I am so sorry! I couldnt make my recipe over the weekend and am going to miss this challenge. So sorry again but things have been very busy at work front. I will surely take part in your next challenge.

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    1. No worries at all ! Tc see you at next challenge! Will drop by your blog today😊😊

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      1. Thanks a bunch for understanding 😊

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  3. Thanks Lina! I’ve submitted my post, sorry for being so late 🙂 Glad to hear Freda is a judge!

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    1. Lovely! Will hop in soon!!


  4. Will be checking out all the entries in some time 🙂

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