Results for the Creative Ingredient challenge

Yet another challenge I never announced the results! I feel so terrible for being so irresponsible after all the efforts you guys put in!

Our lovely judges for this challenge were Antonia and Zeba. Click on their names to visit their sites!

Antonia’s Picks:

Here are my picks 🙂
Thai Red Vegetable Curry
It was so sweet that Bhavna chose her children as her best friends, and made a dish for her son.  I love flavorful and fresh dishes like this. 
Click here for the recipe.

Eggplant Boats

Another sweet dedication!  I just love that Natascha chose her husband as her best friend.  I am sure he was thrilled to eat this delicious eggplant boat!  Yum 😀

Click here for the recipe.

6 responses to “Results for the Creative Ingredient challenge”

  1. Congratulations to Antonio and Zeba!

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  2. How do I follow you and get to know about the challenges? I would love to participate

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    1. Just follow my blog! I ve put up a new challenge for the 3rd week of Feb. .u can check it out…it’s one of my recent posts

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